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Gregory Price


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To enhance American students' understanding of our role in international relations, to aid foreign students interested in studying in the United States, and encourage bipartisan dialogue and cultural growth across borders.

Letters from winners

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    Alex Bruens

    This scholarship means so much to me. I sincerely appreciate the support, which will aid me in my continued research and teaching about international relations. Further, this support allows me to continue encouraging critical thinking and dialogue. Thank you very much!

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    Kya Wells

    Dear Mr. Price, thank you for choosing me as the first-place winner for this scholarship. I am truly honored and grateful to have been selected for this amazing scholarship. By receiving this scholarship, it doesn't only help me financially, but it is validation for my work and dedication towards my academic and personal goals. Once again, thank you for your generosity and support. I am truly grateful to win the International Studies Scholarship, as I do want to pursue my education outside of the U.S soon. Thank you once again for believing in me and making a significant impact on my educational journey. Sincerely, Kya W

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    Audrey Gil

    Dear Mr. Gregory Price, I wanted to express my gratitude for selecting me as a recipient of the Academic Liberty & Free Speech Scholarship. This opportunity means more to me than words can convey. Your generosity has inspired me, and I am committed to paying it forward in the future, ensuring that your kindness continues to benefit others. Thank you for making a difference in my life. Audrey

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    Kiersten Super-Hill

    Dear Gregory Price, I am writing to express my deepest gratitude for being chosen as the recipient of the Academic Liberty & Free Speech Scholarship. This honor is incredibly meaningful, and your generous support will have a profound impact on my education. As a third-year architecture student at Iowa State University, design fees are a constant cost on top of the already high tuition. This scholarship will significantly alleviate that financial burden, allowing me to fully immerse myself in the world of architecture. With this support, I can focus on my studies and unleash my creative potential, particularly in designing inclusive environments that benefit everyone. Thank you again for believing in me and my architectural aspirations. I am a highly motivated student with a strong academic record, maintaining a commendable GPA of 3.96 and earning Dean's List recognition for all four semesters. My passion for architecture extends beyond academics, and I am actively involved in relevant organizations like NOMAS (National Organization of Minority Architects) and AIAS (American Institute of Architecture Students). I am committed to making a positive contribution to society through my future work as an architect. Thanks to your scholarship, I can dedicate myself fully to achieving my academic and professional goals. Sincerely, Kiersten Super

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    Ashton Hawk

    To Whom it May Concern, I would like to extend my appreciation and gratitude for allowing me to be a finalist for this award. As a soldier, a woman, and a student from a financially struggling familial background, these scholarships provide me with an opportunity to continue my education for a better future. I sincerely hope that you will keep me in consideration in the future, and once again I sincerely appreciate your choosing me to be a Finalist for this award. Very Sincerely,

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    Rosie Greer

    Dear Mr. Price, Thank you so much for selecting me as a finalist for the Academic Liberty & Free Speech Scholarship! I truly appreciate the work you are doing to help students achieve their academic goals and for contributing to making this world a better place, one scholarship at a time.