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Maria Macam & Dmitry Milikovsky

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Oct, 2022



One of our family's main missions is to support, advocate and advance young women's educational and developmental goals. To this end we established the Luisa de Vera Buena Scholarship to honour our matriarch's legacy. Luisa V. Buena (Lola Loring) was a passionate supporter of both. And as a single mother and entrepreneur, she changed the course of our family's lives and improved upon the larger community she graced. We hope to provide support, empowerment and inspiration to young women who similarly strive for excellence and generosity to their community.

Letters from winners

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    Lovely Meman

    To my generous donors, Ms. Maria Macam and Mr. Dmitry Milikovsky, You don't know how much this means to me. Words cannot explain my appreciation for enabling me to pursue my dream with this scholarship while studying at Brigham Young University-Hawaii. I woke up with a heavy heart and could not sleep last night after a rough exam in one of my major classes. I felt hopeless and frustrated with myself, but at the same time, I was able to review my goals and ambitions in life. And the only reason I can think of at that time was my family, specifically my parents. After saying my morning prayer, I was prompted to open my phone and saw a message informing me that I got the Luisa de Vera Buena Memorial Scholarship! I can't believe it because it's my first experience. Since childhood, I've desired to study here at BYU-Hawaii. Although I began my first year of education remotely, I liked my first year of instruction. It was difficult because storms and flooding are frequent in my area. However, I was fortunate to have outstanding professors who assisted me in my success. Because I eventually got it in, my Heavenly Father blessed me. This financial assistance will significantly transform my life, especially during these challenging times. I am forever indebted. My parents would also like to express their appreciation for greatly blessing our lives. I may not know much about your Filipino roots or Lola Luisa, from whom this scholarship is named. However, it's a beautiful experience to be supported by people like you, who still look back from whence you came and share your blessings with kababayans like us. Again, maraming, maraming salamat po at mabuhay kayo! Ke Akua pu and malama pono, J. Lovely Meman PS. As much as I want to send in a video to express my gratitude, I can't because I look terrible after crying last night and again this morning when I saw the announcement of being awarded your scholarship.