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Dan Ahmadi

San Jose

Donor since Jul, 2023





Jul, 2023



Alleviating the burden of college expenses for foster youth who have overcome adversity and hardship.

Letters from winners

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    Sarah Joseph

    Thank you so much. My family and I are very appreciative of this opportunity. God bless you and Happy Holidays.

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    Thao Nhi Tran

    Thank you so much for believing in me and giving me the greatest gift of all: the chance to continue my education and chase my dreams! I am so grateful for this scholarship and it will help fund for my college tuition. Once again, thank you so much to the Ahmandi family for supporting me in my educational journey.

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    Lon Chhay

    Being a scholarship winner means I can worry less about finances and concentrate more on my studies. Not only have I defied the odds by furthering my education, but receiving financial assistance will greatly reduce the amount of stress of funding my education which in turn reduces the stress on my family and we can focus on other issues that arise from daily occurances of living in such an expensive city. Having the funds to be able to continue and study at a university will provide the role model that is much needed in my community. I will further demonstrate that it is possible to do great things in life no matter what your circumstances are. I am truly and forever grateful for this kind gesture from the Ahmadi Family Foundation. It is appreciated by not only myself but my family and my community as a whole. Thank you.

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    Monica Nguyen

    Thank you so much for making me a finalist for your scholarship. Although I didn't win the award, I am grateful for the opportunity that I was a finalist for it. Great job to the winners and I hope to stay as hopeful to win an award now with this experience.