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Cody Kessel

Colorado Springs

Donor since Nov, 2020




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Nov, 2020



My mission is to empower student-athletes to chase their dreams on and off the court without financial worries. The passion, teamwork, grit, resilience, determination, joy, leadership, fun, hard work, and more that come from an athletic journey are worthwhile for an individual and for the communities they are a part of. The sport of volleyball has opened up so many previously unimaginable life opportunities and experiences for me, and I hope to give others the chance to experience similar moments. Currently competing in Germany for the Berlin Recycling Volleys and Team USA.

Letters from winners

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    Jamesly Metayer

    Dear Mr. Kessel, I am deeply honored and sincerely grateful to receive the Grow The Game Volleyball Scholarship. Your generosity and belief in my potential mean the world to me. Your mission to empower student-athletes like me to chase our dreams resonates deeply, and I am profoundly thankful for your support. Knowing that someone as accomplished and passionate as you sees potential in me fills me with immense pride and motivation. Your dedication to giving back and creating opportunities for others in the volleyball community is inspiring. I am committed to making the most of this scholarship, not only for my own growth but also to honor your belief in me. I am currently filled with a mix of excitement and determination as I embark on this new chapter of my academic and athletic journey. Your support has alleviated financial worries and allowed me to focus wholeheartedly on my passion for volleyball and my education. I will carry your belief in me as a driving force, pushing myself to achieve new heights both on and off the court. Thank you once again for your generosity and for providing me with the chance to pursue my dreams without hindrance. I am determined to make the most of this opportunity and to give back to the community that has given me so much. Your support has not only lightened my financial burden but has also fueled my determination to excel. With heartfelt gratitude, Jamesly Metayer