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Scholarships, grants, and award winners for Chynenye's causes.
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Chynenye Okonkwo


Donor since Dec, 2022






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Dec, 2022



Helping students to ease the burden of student debt

Letters from winners

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    Patricia Etienne

    Hello, There are not enough words to describe my feelings right now. After so many trials, I wasn't expecting to win any scholarship. However, it seems that an opportunity appeared from nowhere, giving me a glimmer of hope. I'm really grateful for this opportunity that you gave me. As an international student, this money will be useful for my tuition. My parents who are actually living in Haiti, also sent their thanks. Sincerely, Patricia Clarck Etienne

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    Sabrina Charles

    As a senior Nursing student, I am beyond honored to be a finalist for this year's Chynenye Okonkwo scholarship award. I want to give special thanks to Ms. Chynenye Okonkwo for leaving behind a legacy of acknowledging the academic achievements of students while helping decrease the cost of college attendance. I am proud to be recognized for my academic merit and will continue to strive for academic excellence while at the Rutgers School of Nursing. Thank you.