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The Gladys Ruth Legacy "Service" Memorial Scholarship is given in memory of Gladys Ruth. Gladys was known in the community for her service, warm heart and her uniqueness to meet people wherever they were in life. With her strong belief in God and a smile that could brighten the darkest night, Gladys, touched and changed lives with unconditional love.

Letters from winners

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    Bryanna Batts

    Dear Angela King, I am writing to express my sincere gratitude for being awarded the Gladys Ruth Legacy "Service" Memorial Scholarship. This scholarship is an incredible opportunity, and I am truly honored and grateful to have been chosen as a recipient. The financial support provided by this scholarship will play a crucial role in allowing me to continue my education without the added burden of financial stress. It allows me to fully immerse myself in my studies, pursue meaningful extracurricular activities, and actively seek opportunities that align with my career goals. I am deeply appreciative of your belief in my abilities and the faith you have shown in me. Your support not only eases my financial concerns but also motivates me to work harder and positively impact my community. Thank you once again for investing in my education and providing me with this incredible opportunity. I am committed to making the most of this scholarship and will strive to honor your trust in me. With the sincerest gratitude, Bryanna Batts

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    Penny Davis

    Dear Ms. King, Thank you for taking the time to read my essay and for choosing me as a finalist. This scholarship means more to me than just paying for the rising cost of college. As a winner of this scholarship, I have the chance to reach others with my story and possibly inspire them to share theirs. I have the opportunity to model self-sufficiency, as well as the payoff of passion, skill, and will to younger relatives. As winner of this scholarship, I hope to demonstrate that we as people of color are not defined by our pain or our trauma, but by our passion and our effort. I am sincerely honored to have received the status of finalist from such an awe-spiring scholarship. Thank you for your consideration and for helping us students try to inspire our communities through supporting our journeys in higher-education.