How to Get a Scholarship for Soccer

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Soccer is one of the most beloved sports in the entire world, so it comes as no surprise that soccer scholarships are available to help students in soccer programs pursue higher education. Whether you are a keeper or center mid, it is possible to get a soccer scholarship to fund your college journey.

However, like any athletic scholarship, a college soccer scholarship is extremely competitive. At Division I and Division II schools alike, only the best soccer players are recruited for top teams, and an even smaller percentage will receive soccer scholarships.

Fortunately, for high school soccer players entering college and current student-athletes alike, there are several steps you can take to find, and hopefully receive, a soccer scholarship. Read on to learn more about the college soccer recruiting process, athletic scholarships, college coaches, student-athlete life, and soccer scholarships.

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If you are concerned about how many soccer scholarships require you to reach out to college soccer coaches, can help you avoid this, since it allows you to apply directly. In order to do so, make a student account and complete your profile. Then, using the scholarship search feature, you can use the filters and search bar to find soccer scholarships exclusive to In fact, you can even check out a list of curated soccer scholarships and athletic scholarships.