Do Ivy Leagues give athletic scholarships?

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Ivy League schools are some of the most prestigious in the world. These eight schools receive thousands of applications each year only to admit an incredibly small number of students. However, alongside their prestige comes a steep tuition price, with the tuition of Ivy League institutions ranging from $50,000-$59,000 each year. This steep cost of tuition alone makes financial aid packages incredibly important for students trying to afford school.

For some students, one way to make college affordable is athletics, and looking for schools that offer athletic scholarships can even be part of the college search process. In fact, although only 14.8% of college students participate in intercollegiate sports, this still equates to some 460,000 students. For these students, athletic scholarships can be a valuable source of financial aid, allowing people of all backgrounds to pursue higher education.

With thousands of student-athletes and even more students in need of financial aid, it comes as a major surprise that Ivy Leagues do not give athletic scholarships. Although Ivy League schools are ranked as Division One schools within the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), athletes at Ivy League schools do not receive financial aid packages for their athletics.