College Guide for Visually Impaired Students

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College Resources for Visually Impaired Students

Students who are visually impaired or blind, face unique challenges that other students may not even consider. There will be obvious barriers and obstacles for the visually impaired student but earning a degree is certainly possible. Many organizations, schools, and associations have put together substantive resources to help visually impaired students which we will discuss in great detail.

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What are the types of visual impairment?

There are a number of types of visual impairment and characteristic that come with each we need to cover. We will dive into a series of different non-corrective vision problems and clinical types of impairments for educational purposes. Clinically speaking, a student will need to meet certain criteria in order to be classified as visually impaired; however, for discussion purposes, we will address several types of sight limitations, technological advances, and resources for students.