2024 Scholarship Awards Report

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Welcome to the Bold.org 2024 Scholarship Awards Report! This report reflects a transformative year dedicated to supporting students in their academic journeys. Throughout the last year, we have successfully helped numerous students apply for and receive scholarships, supporting their academic ambitions and dreams. 

This 2024 Scholarship Awards Report shares some details and statistics gathered from the demographics of our scholarship winners in 2023. It covers information on scholarships awarded by state, recipients categorized by state, awards by age, and scholarship awards by gender identity. 

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Total Scholarship Awards by State ($)

total scholarship awards by state

The scholarship award amounts for each state were consolidated, and numerous states saw combined totals surpassing $100,000, all sourced from Bold.org scholarships.

Of course, various factors need consideration when analyzing this data, including the state’s student population and the amount of higher education institutions. Nonetheless, the data clearly shows that Texas and California contributions highlight the collective support from various donors on our platform.

The generosity of multiple donors contributing to these scholarship amounts underscores a collaborative effort to empower students in Texas and California. This collective initiative demonstrates a broader commitment from the community, organizations, and individuals to make a meaningful impact on the educational aspirations of students.

The states leading in total scholarship awards ($) are as follows: 

  1. Texas: $566,510 awarded
  2. California: $468,716 awarded 
  3. New York: $292,325 awarded
  4. Florida: $288,377 awarded 
  5. Georgia: $273,407 awarded

Analysis revealed that most states distributed scholarship awards during late May and June. This analysis suggests that scholarship providers may align their awards with this timeframe to support students as they transition to post-secondary education. It’s important to recognize that the preferences of scholarship donors could also play a role. Some donors may prefer to distribute awards at specific times of the year, depending on budget cycles or seasonal trends.

scholarship awards

Number of Scholarship Recipients by State

number of scholarship recipients by state

Another data point tracked for each U.S. state was the number of scholarships in each state. The top states had at least 150 scholarship winners. A majority of winners were announced during the springtime, especially during May 2023. 

The top five states by number of scholarship recipients are as follows: 

  1. California: 346 recipients 
  2. Texas: 331 recipients 
  3. Florida: 197 recipients 
  4. New York: 191 recipients
  5. Georgia: 169 recipients 

The top five states with the highest number of scholarship recipients highlight the states where a substantial number of students were recognized and supported by Bold.org scholarships. The fact that these top states have a minimum of 150 scholarship winners indicates a noteworthy degree of scholarship engagement and support for students within these regions.

Total Scholarship Awards by Age ($)

total scholarship awards by age

Bold.org scholarships are not only awarded to traditional young students. The data also showcases substantial scholarships awarded to students above the age of twenty-four.  Interestingly, the allocation of monetary awards varied slightly across different ages compared to the number of winners by age.

scholarship awards for three students

It was evident that the primary age range for the majority of monetary awards spanned from 18 to 27 years old. The most money awards were given to 18-year-olds at $960,260, 19-year-olds at $942,324, and 20-year-olds at $746,302. Additionally, students in their late twenties featured among the top ten age groups receiving significant awards.

When looking at the number of winners by age instead of the scholarship award amounts, we observed that 19-year-olds received the most scholarships with 640 recipients, followed by 18-year-olds with 566 recipients, and third were 20-year-olds with 491 recipients. The age range for the top ten winners spanned from 17 to 26 years old. 

Total Scholarship Awards by Gender Identity ($)

total scholarship awards by gender identity

We analyzed three categories of gender identity statistics, including “female,” “male,” and “other.” Female-identifying students on Bold.org had the highest total award in sum, with $3,510,283. Female-identifying students also won the most scholarships through Bold.org, with a total of 2,230 winners. 

The data indicates significant support and recognition of the achievements of female-identifying students on our platform. Female-identifying students not only received the highest total award amount ($3,510,283) but also secured the most scholarships, with a total of 2,230 winners. 

bold.org fighting student debt

Next, male-identifying students were awarded a total of $1,206,379. There were 805 male-identifying winners. The data indicates that male-identifying students on Bold.org have also been recipients of significant scholarship support, although the total award amount and the number of winners are lower compared to female-identifying students.

Students who identified as “other” were awarded a total of $107,961. In the “other” category, there were 89 winners. While the total award amount and the number of winners for this category are smaller compared to female and male categories, it reflects an acknowledgment and support for students who wished to not identify.

Scholarship Awards by School ($)

scholarship awards by school

Several educational institutions stood out for their high number of Bold.org scholarship recipients. At the top of the list was Howard University, a private four-year institution in Washington, D.C. There were a total of 48 winners

Georgia State University, a public four-year institution in Atlanta, had the next highest number of winners among its student body, with 29 winners. New York University was a close third, with 28 winners from their private institution.

University of California - Los Angeles had 27 Bold.org scholarship recipients among their students. The University of California-Berkley tied fifth with the University of Florida, both having 24 recipients.  

The data underscores the effectiveness and popularity of Bold.org scholarships at these particular schools, suggesting positive reception and utilization of Bold.org scholarships by students enrolled in these schools. 

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Cumulative Data 

From June 2020 onwards, we have awarded an impressive 4.87 million in scholarships, positively impacting 3,139 students in just over three years. This data encapsulates our commitment to paving the way for students to reach their educational goals and making a lasting difference in their pursuit of post-secondary education. Our mission is to combat student debt, working toward making higher education more accessible and affordable.