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Kathleen Watkins
GPA: 3.8
Kathleen Watkins
GPA: 3.8
Hi there! You can call me Katie. My favorite hobbies are baking and reading! I am a marvelous candidate for scholarships because I am a hardworking leader who willingly takes anything life throws at me with a smile. While I am dedicated to my education and volunteering as well as performing in the fine arts and working in leadership positions, my financial situation has been an obstacle in the way of achieving my dream of going to a good college. With scholarships, I will have the help to pursue my passions and reach my full potential! :-)
Interested in:
Vanderbilt University
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
University of Chicago
Margaret Meitzen
SAT: 1220   |   GPA: 3.7
Margaret Meitzen
SAT: 1220   |   GPA: 3.7
I love learning and am very passionate about implementing a more creative approach to learning in schools. I plan to major in developmental psychology and study different ways of teaching and their effect on creativity in students!
Interested in:
Vanderbilt University
Boston University
Washington University in St Louis
Nuria Martin
GPA: 3.8
Nuria Martin
GPA: 3.8
Hi, my name is Nuria. I'm currently a junior at Arlington High School. At the beginning of my High School career, I focused on the arts in order to fulfill my passion for musical theatre. However, mid-sophomore year I redirected my attention to obtainable career goals. Classes and activities such as ACT prep, Sociology, Ap Seminar, Shelby County Youth Council, and Public Forum Debate have reconfirmed my desire to advocate for all groups and social classes of people (mainly those vulnerable to discrimination). My longterm goal includes working in the legislative branch of government. There are countless whoas this country is facing specifically effecting marginalized groups (MMIW, criminalization of human trafficking survivors, sexual assault rates in prison, lack mental health resources in schools just to name a few). It's not a matter of political ideology, but morals. This year, I've had the privilege to partake in the Shelby County Youth Council that consist of youth leaders who share the same passions as me. Being apart of an open minded and respectful organization full of youth, has made me so excited for my generation and the generations to come. I have so much honor and respect for my elders and ancestors who are the foundation of equality in America. It's the genuine nature of people that continues to motivate me to do and be better. I only have God to thank for this blessing. However, in order to achieve my future goal I must focus on intermediate goals. These goals include maintaining a 4.0 or higher GPA, college acceptance, and local advocacy.
Interested in:
Vanderbilt University
University of California-Berkeley
Howard University
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Duke University
The University of Tennessee-Knoxville
Middle Tennessee State University
Yale University
Stanford University
Belmont University
Harvard College
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Germantown High School
Collierville High School
Martin Luther King High School
Central High School
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Franklin High School
Independence High School
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