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Kasmira Spevacek
GPA: 3.6
Kasmira Spevacek
GPA: 3.6
Hi Everyone! My life goal is to help others around me. By going into the medical field, this would allow me to achieve this. I am extremely passionate about helping my community and expanding my knowledge of everything around me. I love to stay active and play sports, I play varsity tennis, JV field hockey, and volleyball. Also, giving back to my community is so important to me. I volunteer and am currently in a 300-hour volunteer program to become nationally certified as an EMT. I am top 8% in my school's academics; along with being in the Full IB program. I plan on attending as many years of school as necessary to have the chance at my dream jobs. As of right now, I plan on getting a master's degree at least. If funds allow, I will strive to get my doctorate. By receiving scholarships I will be less of a financial burden on my parents and later on, I will hopefully have less debt and student loans. I am extremely independent and hard-working; I will not only reach my dreams but soar past them.
Interested in:
University of Virginia
Pennsylvania State University-Penn State Beaver
University of Virginia-Main Campus
Lydia Winter
GPA: 3.9
Lydia Winter
GPA: 3.9
I am passionate about using my knowledge and skills to bring joy and betterment to those around me. I work hard to learn new things and help others learn more about the world and themselves. In life I eventually want to start a food truck that will use food that would rather go to waste to serve others and help others start up their own businesses. My educational goals include graduating med school and becoming a doctor so that I can continue to help others. I am eventually want to start a pro-bono clinic to help the underfunded get the medical help they deserve. I am a great candidate for scholarship money because I will work hard to put the money you invest back into society by getting an education that will help me to help others and continue the cycle.
Interested in:
University of Virginia
Indiana University Bloomington
Shradha Dinesh
GPA: 4
Shradha Dinesh
GPA: 4
Early on in my high school career, I found my niche in platforming student voices. As a founding member and two-year Editor in Chief of my school newspaper, a managing editor of our literary magazine, and an avid Spanish learner, I found my voice in elevating and leading others'. Through higher education, I hope to explore my interest in journalism, foreign languages, and social sciences to elevate community voices and advocacy.
Interested in:
University of Virginia
Northwestern University
George Washington University
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Biology/Biological Sciences, General
Computer Science
Political Science And Government, General
Bioengineering And Biomedical Engineering
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University of Virginia-Main Campus
Virginia Tech
Virginia Commonwealth University
George Mason University
College of William and Mary
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
James Madison University
Duke University
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Freedom High School
Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology
Oakton High School
Chantilly High School
Lake Braddock Secondary School
South County High School
Wakefield High School
Battlefield High School
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