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Jacob Randles
GPA: 4
Jacob Randles
GPA: 4
I am Jacob Randles. I live with my mom and our 3 cats. I really like doing math because it’s something I find really fun. This is why I want to make mathematics my major in college. One of main goals in life is to be the first person in my family to go to and complete college. In the distance future I hope that I can have a family of my own and be able to provide for them by doing what I love in life.
Interested in:
University of Tennessee Knoxville
Vanderbilt University
The University of Tennessee-Chattanooga
Khyla Moore
GPA: 4
Khyla Moore
GPA: 4
Hi, welcome to my profile my name is Khyla Moore and I hope to be the newest and greatest young African American entrepreneur.
Interested in:
University of Tennessee Knoxville
Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University
Louisiana State University and Agricultural & Mechanical College
Laura Glanville
SAT: 1240   |   GPA: 3.7
Laura Glanville
SAT: 1240   |   GPA: 3.7
It is my dream to become a large animal veterinarian. Specifically, I hope to specialize in equines. I have grown up on a farm constantly surrounded by multitudes of four-legged creatures. Our animals included up to eight large dogs at a time, various cats, and a maximum of six to seven horses. Growing up on a farm has been an incredible opportunity, and one that has allowed me to pursue my interest in veterinary medicine when one of the animals became ill or lame. I very much look forward to attending a university in the fall of 2021 at the age of 18. Some hobbies of mine are reading in the sunshine on the grass, caring for my horses and dogs, spending time with my immediate family, fostering kittens, and painting.
Interested in:
University of Tennessee Knoxville
Clemson University
College of Charleston
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Top Majors of Interest
Accounting And Business/Management
Biology/Biological Sciences, General
Pre-Medicine/Pre-Medical Studies
Kinesiology And Exercise Science
Business Administration And Management, General
Adult Health Nurse/Nursing
Biological And Biomedical Sciences, Other
Bioengineering And Biomedical Engineering
Top Other Schools of Interest
Middle Tennessee State University
Vanderbilt University
Belmont University
The University of Tennessee-Chattanooga
East Tennessee State University
Clemson University
University of Georgia
High Schools with Strong Student Interest
Central High School
Collierville High School
Farragut High School
Central Magnet High School
Germantown High School
Hardin Valley Academy
Independence High School
Centennial High School
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