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Dakota Smith
GPA: 3.9
Dakota Smith
GPA: 3.9
Hi, my name is Dakota! I am a senior in high school living in the Pacific North West (Go Ducks!). I would describe myself as a dedicated member of society and my religion who hopes to play a bigger role as I put myself through college and enter my career in politics. Throughout my high school experience I have participated in numerous activities and programs to better involve myself with my community and peers. Some programs I am most involved with include AVID, Kiwanis Key Club, DECA, Hiking Club, and Student Store Managing. Through working at the YMCA I discovered my passion for teaching but also have found hobbies through DECA Business club and redecorating my house for my parents. Working at a Law Office has also greatly influenced my career path as I am considering delving into politics and government in order to involve myself with my community and world in an impactful way. Putting myself through College to obtain my Masters is the next checkmark in my life plan and I plan to do so debt free.
Interested in:
University of Oregon
Florida College
Corban University
Damara Ortiz Ojeda
GPA: 3.9
Damara Ortiz Ojeda
GPA: 3.9
When I first became vegetarian, it was because I simply didn’t like meat. But now the most prominent reason for me being vegetarian is because of the impact the meat industry has on the environment. Now that I am aware of which things have a greater carbon footprint, I feel that it would be wrong and hypocritical of myself to not make an effort to find more sustainable alternatives to my everyday needs. However, I find that almost every industry has a more sustainable alternative, except for the beauty industry. Personally, I love skincare, but as I explained earlier a sense of hypocrisy and almost guilt overcomes me every time I buy something that is not sustainable. This is why for the past year I have been gearing myself towards learning as much as I can about skincare ingredients, biology, and chemistry in order to work towards a solution to my moral dilemma and a more sustainable society. When I think about where I want to go in life, I see myself continuing to construct my life around what I am passionate about. I not only want to formulate skincare products but establish and oversee my own skincare business and ultimately expand it to incorporate a variety of sustainable products. My goal in life is to be able to make effective and accessible products that reflect my personal ideals, and that in the long run cause a positive effect on the quality of life for not only those purchasing my products, but for the earth and all living organisms in general.
Interested in:
University of Oregon
Oregon State University
Portland State University
Samantha Bateman
GPA: 3.9
Samantha Bateman
GPA: 3.9
Hi there! My name is Samantha Bateman and my goal is to change the world! Ever since I was a little girl, I adored helping people. Seeing the smiles on their faces after performing simple acts of kindness such as opening the door or donating the change I have jingling around in my car to the homeless man sitting on the corner, can make such a large impact on someone’s life. I believe that these little acts of kindness can change someone’s day from bad to good and makes them be more positive to others throughout the day. When I was in 6th grade my family had the opportunity to go on a vacation in Jamaica in a very nice resort. A couple of days we went on excursions venturing out of the resort bubble, we saw extreme poverty and several houses with no floors or roofing and very little access to good healthcare. After that vacation, I knew it was my mission to save people and spread kindness globally. That knowledge combined with my love for science, I found that I would fit perfectly into doctors beyond borders. They go to third world countries, or countries in extreme disaster and provide them with healthcare. I also am very interested in doing cancer research and finding different ways to make cancer easier to be treated. In order for me to pursue that dream, I need to go to college and medical school which is exceptionally expensive. I am grateful to for providing the scholarship opportunities that enable me to pursue my dreams.
Interested in:
University of Oregon
Oregon State University
California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo
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Oregon State University
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