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Christine Kitoy
GPA: 3.9
Christine Kitoy
GPA: 3.9
Hello, my name is Christine Kitoy! I have always desired to become a pediatrician from an early age of my life. I am passionate about helping the people around me, whether it is to volunteer at feeding my starving children or just helping a peer in class. Throughout my growth as a person, I have gained fundamental values that I strive to practice in my life, like kindness, helpfulness, and decency while I execute my responsibilities with maturity. While I am never perfect as a person, student, or friend, I am a loving human being who strives to express the best of myself as much as I can. As I work hard in my education to maintain the high standards I have been achieving, I keep my strength to persevere over every doubt and adversity that hinders my evolution. Academic and Extracurricular Honors: Multiple Sharp Awards - 2016 All-Academic Award - 2018 - Present Presidential Award - 2018 Band Letter - 2019 DECA letter - 2019 Jazz Band Letter - 2018- 2020 Academic Letter - 2018 - Present Youth-In-Government Letter - 2020 Jazz Band Herman Award - 2020 Piano Theory Exam: HIghly Distinguished - 2020
Interested in:
University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
Johns Hopkins University
Yale University
Lauren Coffin
GPA: 3.7
Lauren Coffin
GPA: 3.7
Hey! My name is Lauren Coffin and I was born in St. Paul, Minnesota. I am currently a senior at Monticello High School. I have taken dual enrollment classes for Chemistry, US History, and Economics. After high school, my dream is to study history and possibly environmental conservation. I admire nature and I perceive nothing more beautiful than the vast peaks, valleys, and bodies of water in this world. In my future, I crave new adventures and yearn to travel around the world for cultures and views beyond Minnesota. I have also been passionate about politics and animal rights for years now and I will continue using my voice for the greater good. I trust the contributions I make in the world will help it become better. There is still more you should learn about me! A few of my personal favorite films include "The Shawshank Redemption", "12 Angry Men", "Starship Troopers", and the whole Star Wars franchise. Being a pupil in school has not always been my strong suit however I have learned to push myself and work strenuously for tasks I hope to achieve. I believe knowledge is one of the most powerful attributes a person can possess and I want to push myself into being a well-educated individual in society. I have two dream careers in mind currently, one is to be a history teacher and the other is to become a park ranger for a national park. I would love to do both of these jobs at the same time if I am able to make that possible. Thanks for reading, I hope this helps paint a picture as to who I am. I am incredibly appreciative of this opportunity to gain scholarships.
Interested in:
University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
College of Saint Benedict
The College of Saint Scholastica
Madison Lodico
SAT: 1400   |   GPA: 4
Madison Lodico
SAT: 1400   |   GPA: 4
One of my goals in life is to use math, problem solving, and science to improve others' quality of life. I want to do this by majoring in biomedical engineering by getting a four-year degree and then continuing on to get my master’s degree. Specifically, I want to specialize in neuroengineering because I am fascinated by how the human mind functions. After obtaining these degrees my goal is to do research regarding neurodegenerative disorders such as Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease. I want to improve the human condition by helping develop solutions to neurodegenerative illnesses.
Interested in:
University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
University of Illinois at Chicago
Georgia Institute of Technology-Main Campus
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University of Minnesota-Duluth
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Minnesota State University-Mankato
Winona State University
University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
University of St Thomas (MN)
Augsburg University
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Blaine High School
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