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Anna Bakken
GPA: 3.9
Anna Bakken
GPA: 3.9
If you were sitting at a global dinner table, how many guests could have a conversation with you? A tiny percentage would be native English speakers. When English is your mother tongue and America is your homeland, you are privileged to assume, the onus is on the other to communicate in English. Why is that the case when America’s population represents every corner of the world? In my early teens, I realized I wanted to hear all the voices at the table, in all their complex structures. It scares me to think there are people I can not reach, things I will never understand completely, and ways of living I have never even imagined. It is this fear that pushed me to pursue international relations and language learning.
Interested in:
University of Colorado Boulder
George Washington University
New York University
Avery Schuster
GPA: 3.9
Avery Schuster
GPA: 3.9
I am a hard-working student at Elk River High School. My favorite class Prostart I. It is a class that helps you plan and cook food for others. I joined the Culinary Management Team last year because I enjoy planning and creating restaurant concepts. I have a huge passion for baking, and I have recently gotten into cooking. I enjoy learning Math and Spanish. I love shopping and reading about the most popular fashion trends. I have recently been more involved in politics, in the past 8 months. I have also been educating myself on important issues around the world and going to protest to show my support and to help create change.
Interested in:
University of Colorado Boulder
University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
North Carolina State University at Raleigh
Marquis Shields
SAT: 1140   |   GPA: 3.7
Marquis Shields
SAT: 1140   |   GPA: 3.7
If there's one thing I can confidently say about myself, it's that I love music. It has always been around in my life to keep me motivated. Being able to write and talk about musical artists and even getting the chance to talk to my idols (Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, etc.) would be a dream come true. My passion for music has led me on a path towards being a music journalist so that I can address the news in the culture, promote artists and overall surround myself with people who enjoy music as much as I do. I am currently a senior at Arlington Collegiate High School and have received my Associate of Arts degree. I plan to continue my education at the University of North Texas and work towards my Bachelor's degree in Journalism/Communication. It's my job to provide my audience with the most brief and honest material I possibly can as a journalist, and learning about the media and being able to work within it will help me build my media/news platform, Music Overload to fulfill the people's needs. On this platform I have reported on the latest music news, hosted podcast discussions and debates with my team and interviewed underground artists. I believe that I'm more than an exceptional pick for scholarships because my dedication thus far and my loving passion for music will help me become a conversive force in music. Going into the college of my desires will increase those chances entirely, for applying my knowledge to the culture will educate the people and influence them to see that the people writing about the music are just as important as the ones making it.
Interested in:
University of Colorado Boulder
The University of Texas at Austin
Northwestern University
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Accounting And Business/Management
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Business, Management, Marketing, And Related Support Services, Other
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Colorado State University-Fort Collins
University of Denver
University of Colorado Colorado Springs
University of Washington-Seattle Campus
University of Oregon
University of California-Los Angeles
The University of Texas at Austin
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Legend High School
Cherry Creek High School
Overland High School
Rangeview High School
Fairview High School
Boulder High School
East High School
Grandview High School
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