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Abigail Sobalvarro
GPA: 3.8
Abigail Sobalvarro
GPA: 3.8
Hello, my name is Abigail Sobalvarro and I'm currently a high school senior. During my first year of high school, I was in Junior Achievement, which revolves around business entrepreneurship, and we won first place in regionals. During my sophomore year, I started the Model United Nations club at my school and served as its first Vice-President, then President (twice). I've also been an active member of Key Club, which revolves around community service, for three years and serve as its current secretary. While being active in my club activities, I’ve also worked hard in all my classes. I’ve always been highly motivated in being the best person I can possibly be, whether that's as a student and/or in everyday life. All my life has been about making others feel comfortable, and as I grew older, my love for assisting others grew too. Due to that, I decided to join the practical nursing program that my technical high school offered. This challenging program helped me become a Graduate Practical Nurse and gave me an early start in achieving my life goals. With my medical knowledge, I'm now able to help others heal during some of their most traumatic moments in life, and more importantly, provide them comfort. It's for these reasons, along with the inspiration from the current nurses working through a global pandemic, that I look forward to being a part of the nursing field as a nurse.
Interested in:
University of Central Florida
University of Florida
New York University
Aidan Lubin
SAT: 1480   |   GPA: 3.9
Aidan Lubin
SAT: 1480   |   GPA: 3.9
Hello! As an extremely competitive student, I take pride in my efforts to improve myself outside of the classroom. I am a deeply involved, passionate, and active member of my community who thrives in extracurricular activities. On top of being in over seven unique clubs, I also run and participate in my not-for-profit organization. In the future, I am determined to earn a degree in biomedical engineering as well as own a medical equipment/pharmaceutical company. I hope to manufacture inexpensive medicine and surgical equipment for low-budget hospitals. Through the journeys that I will undertake in life, I know that I will be able to improve myself and help others wherever I go.
Interested in:
University of Central Florida
University of Florida
University of Miami
Ana La Rosa
SAT: 1170   |   GPA: 3.9
Ana La Rosa
SAT: 1170   |   GPA: 3.9
I am a hardworking high school senior seeking to be a Web Developer or Graphic Designer in the Software Industry. My life goal is to use my acquired and developed skills towards the production of something remarkable. The ideal would be contributing to the success of a company that solves an existent problem or assisting in the production of astonishing game/movie animation. I was born and raised in Cuba, a place where I learned precious human values and later moved to the United States. Throughout the years, I learned how to make the most efficient use of things and how to be on the constant search for solutions. As a kid, I started my passion for art. I found myself attracted to art classes in this country and eventually earned 4 Honorable Mentions in a contest and a trophy. I participated in many municipality chess competitions along with Mathematics competitions at the national level in Cuba and two chess competitions here in the U.S. Furthermore, I learned how to code JavaScript by the production of simple mobile games in a Computer Science AP class. I'm currently in a Web Design strand and have earned two certifications, Adobe Illustrator and Dreamweaver, towards my current goal of becoming NAF Certified. I believe everything is possible, and with all these continuously evolving technologies, there is always more to learn.
Interested in:
University of Central Florida
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
University of Miami
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