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Jadzia McDaniel
SAT: 1190   |   GPA: 3.4
Jadzia McDaniel
SAT: 1190   |   GPA: 3.4
I am a 17-year-old teen with a passion for protecting the future of our environment and being the change I want to see in the world. I take this passion further than my words as I also live a vegan lifestyle, which helps me be as environmentally and ethically conscious as I can be. Additionally, my life goals are to study environmental science and expand my knowledge in the physical sciences so I can base my future career on researching ways to be a better influence on the world.
Interested in:
Texas A & M University-College Station
University of Texas - Austin
Texas A&M University
Madelyn Allred
GPA: 4
Madelyn Allred
GPA: 4
I want to pursue an exciting career in the education field while acting on the side. I feel the happiest and most fulfilled while teaching others or being on the stage. My hard work and passion for these activities help me to be successful, and I’m looking forward to what other opportunities will come!
Interested in:
Texas A & M University-College Station
University of North Texas
University of Texas - Austin
Ngozichukwu Orduji
GPA: 4
Ngozichukwu Orduji
GPA: 4
I have many goals in life that I 100% believe I will accomplish but if to sum it up in one phrase my life goal is to make difference in this world by helping others; to be part of the solution and not the problem. As a first-generation immigrant, I'm blessed to be in America and excited to give back to the county that gave me a home. I'm passionate about helping others and using my gifts the Lord blessed me with and my skills to make somebody else's life better. I'm a great candidate because I'm ready to work hard even it means exhausting myself. Even if I stumble I will never give up until I get my desired results. Instead of dwelling on my mistakes, I use that experience and knowledge to become a better person thus resulting in better outcomes next time around.
Interested in:
Texas A & M University-College Station
Rice University
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Top Majors of Interest
Accounting And Business/Management
Biology/Biological Sciences, General
Mechanical Engineering
Computer Science
Adult Health Nurse/Nursing
Business Administration And Management, General
Biological And Biomedical Sciences, Other
Top Other Schools of Interest
The University of Texas at Austin
University of Houston
Baylor University
Texas Tech University
Texas State University
Rice University
The University of Texas at San Antonio
High Schools with Strong Student Interest
Coppell High School
Plano East Senior High School
Lyndon B. Johnson High School
William B Travis High School
Stephen F Austin High School
United High School
Klein Forest High School
Glenda Dawson High School
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