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Londyn Edwards
SAT: 1260   |   GPA: 3.9
Londyn Edwards
SAT: 1260   |   GPA: 3.9
I am most passionate about children and the arts. As someone who grew up in the inner city where arts programs are severely underfunded, I want to be someone who gives children in my city access to the arts that they deserve. I am driven and always up for a challenge. Challenges build character!
Interested in:
Temple University
Drexel University
University of Pennsylvania
Nicole Hom
SAT: 1260   |   GPA: 3.8
Nicole Hom
SAT: 1260   |   GPA: 3.8
I come from a background where music is considered the lowest form of entertainment and unsustainable, and ultimately frowned upon. I think the opposite. I want to break the generational mindset of such. I believe through music education and guidance, children will be motivated and inspired to pursue careers that they show passion for and have talent and potential for.
Interested in:
Temple University
Rutgers University-New Brunswick
Boston University
Zayla Dutton
SAT: 1060   |   GPA: 4
Zayla Dutton
SAT: 1060   |   GPA: 4
From the moment I saw someone hurt, I know I wanted to help them. Helping other people is my life goal. Being able to see the smiles on people’s faces after I help them is what I’m working for. I want to be able to prove to doubters that I can achieve what I want.
Interested in:
Temple University
Hofstra University
West Chester University of Pennsylvania
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Biology/Biological Sciences, General
Accounting And Business/Management
Computer Science
Political Science And Government, General
Biological And Biomedical Sciences, Other
Adult Health Nurse/Nursing
Psychology, General
Pre-Medicine/Pre-Medical Studies
Top Other Schools of Interest
Drexel University
University of Pennsylvania
University of Pittsburgh-Pittsburgh Campus
Carnegie Mellon University
New York University
Howard University
Rutgers University-New Brunswick
High Schools with Strong Student Interest
Central High School
Upper Darby High School
North Penn High School
Northeast High School
Philadelphia High School for Girls
Parkland High School
Bensalem High School
Academy at Palumbo
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