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Ayana Williams Williams
GPA: 3.8
Ayana Williams Williams
GPA: 3.8
My name is Ayana and my life-goal is to serve those whenever they need me. With the required education, I will become a Pediatrician or Obstetrician/Gynecologist. I am passionate about painting and plan to incorporate it into my schedule as a doctor. A doctor is a serious career that can never be taken lightly. And it requires a person’s undivided attention and focus while performing such job tasks despite what might be going on in a person’s personal life. As in the words of Abhijit Naskar, “There may be medical tools in your hands to treat the patient, but those hands must be that of a loving, warm and conscientious human being.” I will achieve my goal of becoming a physician and I will stay deep-rooted in the way of life GOD has given to not only me but the world.
Interested in:
Spelman College
Georgia State University
Mercer University
Lauren Proby
GPA: 3.7
Lauren Proby
GPA: 3.7
Greetings! My name is Lauren Proby and I am passionate about disability justice, especially for disabled students and people of color. I'm proud to be an autistic self-advocate and use my experiences and perspectives to help others. The world needs to hear diverse voices and I'm excited to bring that to light while creating a necessary space of inclusivity!
Interested in:
Spelman College
Agnes Scott College
Mount Mary University
Teoni McClinton
SAT: 1060   |   GPA: 3.6
Teoni McClinton
SAT: 1060   |   GPA: 3.6
Hi, my name is Teoni McClinton and I am currently a senior at my high school. I love dancing, theater, running, medicine, reading books, and my religion! ; I have also gained a passion for architecture and renovating homes. I plan to attend college in the fall of 2021 aspiring to become an obstetrician. I am extremely excited and consider myself blessed to be able to make the most of all the opportunities that are given to me. Many describe me as an enthusiastic, determined, compassionate, and hard-working young lady. When encountering challenges in life, I revert to this quote "Never underestimate the power of dreams and influence of the human spirit. We are all the same in this notion: The potential for greatness lives within each of us" -William Rudolph. I hold this quote dear to me because as a teenager it can be hard navigating and figuring out our places in the world. Being able to remember that we all have the potential to follow our dreams and give our best versions of ourselves to the world gives me hope that I matter even when times are tough. I have hope that I will be remembered by the generation under me as a woman who was able to help many and was able to pave a way for younger women to see that they're able to accomplish their biggest dreams with the determination that burns within you. If awarded a scholarship, I will spend my time figuring out ways to help give back to my community's healthcare facilities and eventually open up a non-profit help center for children and teens struggling with depression.
Interested in:
Spelman College
Clark Atlanta University
Alabama A & M University
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Biology/Biological Sciences, General
Pre-Medicine/Pre-Medical Studies
Accounting And Business/Management
Political Science And Government, General
Biological And Biomedical Sciences, Other
Psychology, General
Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement Administration
American/U.S. Law/Legal Studies/Jurisprudence
Top Other Schools of Interest
Howard University
Georgia State University
University of Georgia
Emory University
Clark Atlanta University
Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University
North Carolina A & T State University
High Schools with Strong Student Interest
Grayson High School
Westlake High School
Riverdale High School
Cass Technical High School
Dutchtown High School
Central High School
North Cobb High School
Douglas County High School
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