Whitworth University

300 W Hawthorne Rd, Spokane, WA
Christian college

Whitworth University rankings and awards

US News: Best Value among Regional Universities in the WestSource: https://www.usnews.com/best-colleges/rankings/regional-universities-west
Higher Education Excellence in Diversity AwardSource: https://www.insightintodiversity.com/about-the-heed-award/2020-recipients/

Questions and Answers about Whitworth University

Jelizza L.
1 month ago
How much is the average tuition after financial aid is applied for out of state residents?
Whitworth University
Since we are not a state university, our tuition is the same for in-state and out-of-state students - $47,700 for the 2022-23. That's a big number, but not the most important number, because this year's incoming students received, on average, over $35,000 in scholarships and grants. So, my advice is to apply for admission and submit your FAFSA to any school you're interested in. Then, after receiving financial aid you can compare net cost to net cost. Often, the net cost for students to attend Whitworth is less than to attend in-state schools.
Samantha B.
2 months ago
Are there a lot of social events throughout the year?
Whitworth University
Tons! Each residence hall has something called Prime Time every night where student leaders organize activities that can be social, educational or just fun. Our student government has leadership position devoted to student activities. Then there are some big events - Homecoming, Lu'au, Springfest, boat cruise etc.
Sydney H.
2 months ago
What impact do ACT and SAT scores have on Whitworth decisions for admission?
Whitworth University
Whitworth has been fully test-optional for 15 years, so submitting test scores has NO effect on admissions decisions or scholarships.
Charesa S.
3 months ago
What are your strongest majors and what programs do you offer to support them?
Whitworth University
Our most popular majors are psychology, health science, biology, education and business management. We have dedicated faculty advisors in every major who meet with students every week their first semester and at least once a semester (but usually more often) after that. We have lots of academic supports such as tutoring, academic peer coaches, a writing center, etc. And also several student clubs like Psi Chi (for psych majors), Pre-Med Club, Teachers of Tomorrow, Business Club etc.
Anna R.
3 months ago
What locations does Whitworth University frequent in your study abroad program?
Whitworth University
The short answer is everywhere. Our professors lead study-abroad trips all over the world. And we also belong to multiple exchange networks that students can take advantage of. Explore all the opportunities on our website at: https://www.whitworth.edu/cms/academics/off-campus-programs/
Charesa S.
4 months ago
How much debt does your average student graduate with from Whitworth University?
Whitworth University
The average amount borrowed by our most recent graduating class was about $29,000 for all for yours. The average default rate for Whitworth graduates who took out student loans is only 1.4% vs. the national average of 7.3%


Becoming a Whitworth Pirate means joining a family. At Whitworth, you will find a caring Christian community ready to support you and mentor you, no matter your faith background. A place where you belong, and where you matter. A community set apart by the relationships we share, bound together through our mutual commitment to ask tough questions, engage diverse perspectives and search fearlessly for answers wherever they may be found. This is where the best learning happens. Through these connections and experiences, our graduates are equipped to become who they are meant to be, in their careers and in their communities, and throughout their lives. It's application season! Apply for FREE at www.whitworth.edu/applynow. Test scores, recommendations and essays are optional. We'll get back to you with an admissions decision within 3 weeks after you complete your application file. Don't forget to sign up for a visit even to learn more about campus in person! www.whitworth.edu/visit

Majors offered at Whitworth University

Biggest majors
Biological and Physical Sciences
Psychology, General
Teacher Education and Professional Development, Specific Levels and Methods

Academics at Whitworth University

SAT Score Range
Considered with application
ACT Score Range
Considered with application
Student Faculty Ratio
11 to 1
Least Selective (91% Acceptance Rate)
School type
Non-profit Private 4-year institution

Whitworth University demographics

70% White
10% Hispanic
8% Multiracial
4% Asian
2% Black
1% Native
1% Pacific Islander
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Common careers for Whitworth University students

Common Careers and Their Average Annual Salary

Software Engineer98k
Embedded Software Engineer95k
Senior Accountant71k
Financial Analyst55k
Executive Director, Non-Profit Organization55k
Staff Accountant55k
Director of Development, Non-Profit Organization49k
Based on 1,841 student responses
51.1kAvg. Early Career Pay
89.1kAvg. Mid-Career Pay
56%in High-Meaning careers
18%in STEM careers

Net price of attending Whitworth University

Whitworth University financial aid

Grants per year
Loans per year

Student reviews of Whitworth University

by Bold.org students







Recommended by

100% of students

Known for

Helpful career services
Awesome study spaces and libraries
Beautiful campus
Accessible and helpful professors
Access to outdoor activities
Abby Fountain
Shopping And Thrifting
Art + 11 others



Whitworth has a wonderful community, built on a commitment to academic and life success for each student. In every way the university is organized, from available student assistance services to dorm life, is designed to streamline a positive experience at Whitworth. It is evident that the school is incredibly intentional about giving students every chance to succeed. They could improve the food options and quality some, but other than that I have had an absolutely lovely experience here.

WHAT I didn’t LIKE

Other than the food occasionally, I have no complaints. For the most part, the food is tasty, but the healthy options don’t tend to be of my personal taste, and it can be hard to manage a balanced diet. I’m not sure how different that is than at other schools.

Melodie Hall



Small class sizes and building relationships with professors and staff.

WHAT I didn’t LIKE


Isabelle Scottlind
Hiking And Backpacking
Writing + 4 others



The professors at Whitworth are truly incredible. They genuinely care about you and your future. I appreciate how the university wants to be more inclusive and diverse, but I think they could be better at recognizing and supporting queer students. The faculty and housing staff are amazing, but the administration and campus as a whole could definitely improve. There is a Pride Club and a Pride display in the counseling center, but I think Whitworth has room to improve. Students can be hit or miss on whether they're queer-affirming, but that's usually how it is anywhere. I did find my partner here though, and there are lots of supportive allies and other queer people here.

WHAT I didn’t LIKE

If you have food allergies, always double-check what you're getting in the dining hall. Sometimes the menu boards are mislabeled (there is an allergen-friendly self-serve station though). Whitworth isn't close to downtown, so you'll probably have to take the bus or drive to get places (there are parks, neighborhoods, coffee shops, a frozen yogurt place, and grocery stores within walking distance if you need, but not like you'd find in downtown). Whitworth has some awesome outdoor programs (pre-orientation backpacking trip) and 40 acres of undeveloped land that acts as a sort of park connected to campus (we call it the Back 40). You'll see the same people everywhere, but there are still lots of different people here (small but not too small). The dorms are basic dorms-usable for sure, but not going to wow you. Well-lit at night and security is always willing to walk you back to your car/dorm/bus stop in the dark.

Katelyn Pounds
Painting and Studio Art
Graphic Design
Baking + 5 others



My favorite part is the strong support from professors. My academic advisor has walked me through every step of my four-year plan and ensured my success as a student. Additionally, I am very close to other professors in my department and they have a vested interest in my personal and professional life. If you look for it, it's not that hard to find a strong community on campus.

WHAT I didn’t LIKE

The school is lacking in racial and LGBTQ diversity. Many students from underrepresented backgrounds struggle to find their place on campus because they do not have other people from their communities present. There are programs on campus to help combat this, but having more diversity on campus would be a big help.

Emma Baker
Embroidery And Cross Stitching
Sewing + 4 others



I love the professors and the relationships they build with you in order to better your education. You have to be your own advocate, but they will help you in any way they can as long as you use your resources. The overall vibe on campus is really great and when it is warm one of the best things to do on campus is Hang-out outside with your friends either just chilling or maybe hammocking or even studying on the grass. Food can use some work, but overall it is good.

WHAT I didn’t LIKE

We have a term called "Whitworth Nice" which is that everyone is nice and it can be very surface level. One day you're hanging out with someone just talking about school in general... then the next week you're up talking about where we go after death until 2 am. There is not a lot of in-between and while everyone seems like your friend in general, you need to find your own people who aren't just the "Whitworth Nice". This can be hard, especially since most groups and friendships are formed within the first few weeks of classes. One can feel like they're on the outside if they don't form friendships instantly... this can be very mentally draining trying to find out who is and who is not a friend.

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