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Bryce M.
1 month ago
Are social activities starting up again on UN-Reno campus?
Bryce M.
1 month ago
Where can I go to connect with other UNR grad students who are looking for roommates?
Bryce M.
1 month ago
How do I get involved with helping plan club events and activities?
Kesche L.
1 month ago
How many classes do I have to take a year to maintain my millennial scholarship?
Tyler G.
2 months ago
What are some good research opportunities for undergrads?
Shelley R.
3 months ago
What is the average amount of financial aid non traditional students receive at University of Nevada-Reno?


The University of Nevada, Reno's vision is to educate and graduate the best-prepared, confident leaders for the state, national, and global community; to be a nexus for research and creativity that focuses on vital issues of our time; and to serve as a catalyst for the betterment of our society. Inspired by its land-grant foundation, the University of Nevada, Reno provides outstanding learning, discovery, and engagement programs that serve the economic, social, environmental, and cultural needs of the citizens of Nevada, the nation, and the world. The University recognizes and embraces the critical importance of diversity in preparing students for global citizenship and is committed to a culture of excellence, inclusion, and accessibility.

Majors offered at University of Nevada-Reno

Biggest majors
Health and Wellness, General
Psychology, General
Biology, General

Academics at University of Nevada-Reno

SAT Score Range
Required with application
ACT Score Range
Required with application
Student Faculty Ratio
19 to 1
Least Selective (88% Acceptance Rate)
School type
Public 4-year institution

University of Nevada-Reno demographics

57% White
19% Hispanic
8% Asian
6% Multiracial
3% Black
1% Native
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Common careers for University of Nevada-Reno students

Common Careers and Their Average Annual Salary

Civil Engineer86k
Software Engineer76k
Electrical Engineer76k
Project Manager, (Unspecified Type / General)73k
Mechanical Engineer63k
Operations Manager62k
Project Engineer61k
Based on 9,170 student responses
54kAvg. Early Career Pay
96.3kAvg. Mid-Career Pay
47%in High-Meaning careers
24%in STEM careers

Net price of attending University of Nevada-Reno

University of Nevada-Reno financial aid

Grants per year
Loans per year

Student reviews of University of Nevada-Reno

by students







Recommended by

100% of students

Known for

Awesome study spaces and libraries
Beautiful campus
Safe campus
Close to activities in a city
LGBTQ+ friendly
Taylor Buchanan
Athletic Training



While it can be a little confusing to navigate sometimes, almost everyone you come into contact with is super helpful and will guide you to where you need to go.

WHAT I didn’t LIKE

Navigating their online web pages can be a bit confusing, they have multiple pages that say similar but different things

Jasmine Lam
Drawing And Illustration
Art + 2 others



The campus and weather really caught my eye the first time I went. The lecture halls are huge and the professors are hit or miss but there are always good professors who are willing to help and are truly dedicated to their job. In my experience, people are outgoing and easy to talk to, especially the Teaching Assistants in lab courses. Everyone wants everyone to succeed and no one is afraid to help. There will be professors that are not good at teaching as they should be but if you can put in the work and dedicate time outside of lectures, then the class will be fairly easy.

WHAT I didn’t LIKE

The campus is on a hill and often you will be walking up and downhill from one end of campus to the other end. The weather is also all over the place but usually, it is fairly nice.



There are a lot of on-campus resources for students who live on and off-campus. It's very easy to access resources to help with education, transportation, and academic advancement. There are a lot of events that happen on campus. Keep an eye out for all the club and even entertainment events that come up weekly. There are a lot of ways to gain student discounts locally as well.

WHAT I didn’t LIKE

Jessica Sanchez Grimaldo
Acting And Theater
Music + 4 others



So far they seem to be very present in the community and everyone is proud to be a member of the Wolf Pack.

WHAT I didn’t LIKE

Their party culture is more present than I would personally enjoy at this point in my life.

Ryan Krysinski
Hiking And Backpacking
Running + 2 others



Mainly the academics side of things. Lots of scholarship opportunities, helpful professors and your tuition covers a lot of different services (Tutoring Center, library, TA's, PASS, etc.) to help you succeed in class.

WHAT I didn’t LIKE

The food is horrible and the parking is even worse. Get off the meal plan and move off campus as soon as they'll let you.



UNR is a cozy campus where most buildings are in the same region with beautiful scenery surrounding the town. The staff heavily considers student input and tries to ease our struggles.

WHAT I didn’t LIKE

Continual construction on buildings meant one day your usual path to class may be blocked without warning and now you're extra late to class.

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