Snow College

Ephraim, UT

Questions and Answers

Colby R.
1 month ago
What percentage of Snow College students receive financial aid?
Jordan M.
1 month ago
Does Snow College offer scholarships for student athletes?
Benjamin M.
2 months ago
What does Snow College do to help its students keep pushing themselves to be better?
Snow College
We transfer students all over the country and have an 83% success rate, which lets you know that everything we do is about student success. From academics to cost to our faculty and staff, we focus on making our students better than what they were before. Our number one goal is student success! Also, our average class size is 15 students, which gives us the advantage of understanding our students' needs and what will make them successful in their career paths.
Ashlynn H.
2 months ago
What are the different dining options on Snow College campus?
Snow College
Buster Bistro and the Badger Den are our main dining options that serve a quality and affordable menus items.
Ashlynn H.
2 months ago
What tutoring services other programs does Snow College offer to help students succeed?
Snow College
Snow College has several labs that offer free tutoring, including departments of math, science, writing, and communication. It is also essential to recognize that most of our professors have office hours, which allows students to visit their professors weekly during their office hours. Snow College also offers 24 hours assistance for counseling and wellness for mental health free of charge.
Ashlynn H.
2 months ago
What is the cost range for the different housing that is available to Snow College freshmen?
Snow College
Snow College has two locations, Richfield and Ephraim, Utah. Ephraim Campus has residential and off-campus housing, and all can be found within walking distance of the main campus. We advise incoming freshmen to research both and see what will accommodate their needs the best. Here is a link to our Residential Housing Page: Richfield Campus only has off-campus housing. Prices and locations will vary.

Academic details

Student Faculty Ratio
20 to 1
School type
Public 4-year institution

Diversity statistics

84% White
8% Hispanic
1% Black
1% Multiracial
1% Native
1% Pacific Islander
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Common Careers

Common Careers and Their Average Annual Salary

Software Engineer85k
Architectural Designer85k
Construction Superintendent67k
Food Service Director66k
Systems Engineer (Computer Networking / IT)60k
Embroidery Digitizer40k
Office Manager35k
Based on 231 student responses
38.3kAvg. Early Career Pay
58.6kAvg. Mid-Career Pay
67%in High-Meaning careers
7%in STEM careers

Financial Snapshot

Average Financial Breakdown
Average grant for incoming freshmen
Average Pell Grant
Average Federal Loans

Average Institutional Grant
Average Total Loans
Published tuition and fees (Out of state)
$12,876 / year
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