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Your personalized pathway to purpose is waiting. Let’s take the first step. Life-changing adventure. Knowledge and skills that stand the test of time. The world’s greatest guides. At Rollins, you’ll craft a one-of-a-kind college experience and seize infinite opportunities to put your education to work in the world. You’ll have the freedom to pursue the things that matter to you, but you’ll never walk alone because you’ll be surrounded by an entire community of mentors ready to guide you around every bend. Ready to embark on your life’s greatest journey? Let’s start exploring.

Questions and Answers about Rollins College

Emily D.
4 months ago
What are some of your top major programs?
Emily D.
4 months ago
Can I visit any day to check out the campus?
Emily D.
4 months ago
How does receiving financial aid from Rollins College work after applying to the FASFA?
Emily D.
5 months ago
What are the different clubs available at Rollins College?
Lillian S.
6 months ago
Given that Rollins is located in Florida, are there college-wide emergency plans in case of a hurricane?
Lillian S.
7 months ago
Is there a support group for students with disabilities (visible and invisible) at Rollins?
Rollins College
Rollins has an Office of Accessibility Services that offers resources for students with both visible and invisible disabilities. You can learn more here:
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Majors offered at Rollins College

Biggest majors
Business Administration, Management and Operations
Communication, General
International Business

Academics at Rollins College

Student Faculty Ratio
10 to 1
Less Selective (67% Acceptance Rate)
School type
Non-profit Private 4-year institution

Demographics for Rollins College Students

Ethnicity BreakdownAsianBlackCaucasianHispanicMiddle EasternNative AmericanPacific Islander
Rollins College Students6%21%48%35%1%2%0%
All College Students11%21%37%25%2%2%1%
Gender breakdown
Rollins College Students
< 5% Gender nonconforming
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Common careers for Rollins College students

Common Careers and Their Average Annual Salary

Marketing Director90k
Human Resources (HR) Director83k
Senior Financial Analyst62k
Human Resources (HR) Manager60k
Financial Analyst59k
Project Manager, (Unspecified Type / General)54k
Account Manager43k
Based on 2,415 student responses
50.3kAvg. Early Career Pay
88.2kAvg. Mid-Career Pay
54%in High-Meaning careers
7%in STEM careers

Net price of attending Rollins College

Rollins College financial aid

Grants per year
Loans per year

Student reviews of Rollins College

by students







Recommended by

100% of students

Known for

Accessible and helpful professors
Safe campus
Awesome study spaces and libraries
Access to outdoor activities
Welcoming student body
Mona Belakbir
Graphic Design
Art History + 1 other



As a current student, I'm building close relationships with my peers and professors. This has helped to grow my interpersonal skills and find amazing opportunities to travel and go to conferences.

WHAT I didn’t LIKE

Rollins can benefit greatly from creating DEI curriculum and making sure their POC students feel welcome and at home on campus.



Rollins gives a great college experience for those looking to get a quality education and great interactions.

WHAT I didn’t LIKE

You should be aware this school is not a party school but it is fun nonetheless.

Makenna Baldasare
Biomedical Sciences
Health Sciences
Mental Health
Biology + 5 others



Beautiful campus and intelligent students and faculty. You will feel instantly at home.

WHAT I didn’t LIKE

Parking trouble and pricing

Cecilia Hernandez
Piano + 10 others



Rollins College is not the typical college struggle. While other colleges will leave you to figure things out on your own (while you struggle to apply for classes and wait in long lines for advising), Rollins starts you off with everything you need to find your way. The RCC experience (for first-year students, which is very much like an "intro to college" course with extras) was honestly just what I needed to get used to college. It taught me where all the resources were, how to register for classes, and the different majors and minors available. Although the small school size may be a turn-off for some students, it definitely has its advantages as well. For example, it is very easy to get an appointment for any department on campus. It is also easier to "know everyone" since, more often than not, you have seen someone before. They have plenty of networking opportunities and the advisors (that I had) were very helpful and strive to point you in the right direction. Regarding Chemistry, I firmly believe it is a better experience than other, big schools that will push you "into the fray" as soon as you start. However, the one disadvantage is that, due to the small class sizes, it may be difficult to get into the class you want and you have to adhere to a strict schedule to avoid missing a class that is only given in the spring or fall semesters. However, the small class sizes do have the advantage of students working together to study and having more personalized attention when it comes to questions in class. The chemistry department is very friendly and overall great teachers.

WHAT I didn’t LIKE

Students should be aware that, like in any other college, parties can be dangerous. I have never gone to one myself, but I have heard many first-hand and second-hand accounts from people who highly suggest staying as safe as possible. However, all the on-campus events are highly safe and I highly suggest them. Students should also be aware that, if they are decided on their major from early on, to tell their advisor right away. Some classes needed for your major are only held for one semester every year. So it is important to jump on those classes right away. Also, although I believe the cafeteria is one of the best and cleanest out there, students with *severe* allergies should still watch out and use common sense (not just blindly believe the ingredient cards). I have many allergies and the allergy station has never caused me trouble. However, I heard some students with severe sensitivity to their allergies suggest being extra careful with food from other stations, or alerting the cafeteria if the allergen food gives a reaction. (Just for the record, I firmly believe Rollins has the best food options compared to other schools that do not have anything for those with allergies. They have a vegan station, salad bar, sandwich station (with gluten-free options), the allergen station (that is free from most allergens), yogurt bar, and a regular station (food that is not for those with allergies).

Cassie Schattle
American Sign Language (ASL)
Art + 5 others



Rollins being a small school makes it feel like a community. You know so many people, but it's not so small that everybody knows everybody's business. Also amazing campus, food, and gives lots of scholarships.

WHAT I didn’t LIKE

It is private and very expensive and doesn't have the biggest range of majors.

Bella Outar
Model UN



I think Rollins is a very excellent college because it allows for growth. You can make personal connections with your teachers and classmates that you wouldn’t look at a bigger school.

WHAT I didn’t LIKE

It's just super pricy and you have to work for scholarships.

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