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There are many colleges. There is only one Oberlin. Oberlin offers one of the world’s great undergraduate educations, and we have a long tradition of educating top scholars and musicians. Here, students pursue multiple passions and interests within a supportive, collaborative community. We focus on undergraduate teaching, hands-on research projects, culturally immersive study away experiences, and world-class music opportunities. For over 100 years, Oberlin alumni have gone on to earn more PhDs than graduates of any other liberal arts school. And in nearly every career field, our graduates are making an impact and improving our world. An Oberlin education is extraordinary, and each person experiences it differently.

Questions and Answers about Oberlin College

Ava N.
1 year ago
How are roommates selected for first year students at Oberlin?
Oberlin College
Hi Ava! You will complete some questionnaires during the summer to share the type of housing you may be most interested in (e.g., first-year experience hall, identity-based communities, co-ops, etc). You'll also be asked some lifestyle questions like how neat/messy you are. Do you wake up early or stay up late? This allows our staff in the Office of Residential Education to match you with a roommate. Though you won't do this until June, you can check out Housing & Dining info at https://www.oberlin.edu/housing/new-students/housing-dining
Holly B.
1 year ago
What is the job placement rate for recent graduates at Oberlin College?
Oberlin College
Thank you for your question, Holly. 95% of recent Oberlin graduates are employed, enrolled in graduate or professional school, doing a post-graduate fellowship, or involved with service like the Peace Corps. To further support our students, we've launched our new Oberlin Internship+ Commitment where we will provide up to $5,000 per student to to support qualified summer opportunities that include internships, research- and performance-based experiences, and other pre-professional activities.
Julian G.
1 year ago
Do Oberlin Conservatory students have separate dormitories from Oberlin College students?
Oberlin College
Great question Julian! We are One Oberlin so Conservatory and College students live, eat, and take a variety of classes with each other. There are no specifically designated "Conservatory" or "College" dorms, so you can choose any part of campus you want to live (and who you want to live with) without limitations. You can learn more about the different kinds of housing options we have at Oberlin here: https://www.oberlin.edu/housing/options
Ella B.
2 years ago
Can students start their own clubs and organizations during their first year?
Oberlin College
With 175+ student groups and clubs from which to choose, you’d be hard-pressed not to get involved in something at Oberlin. Should your specific interests not be represented, take the initiative: Start your own club. Any student is free to organize for any purpose in accordance with the regulations of the college. You can find more info about our clubs and organizations at https://www.oberlin.edu/life-at-oberlin/clubs-organizations
Ella B.
2 years ago
How can students get merit aid from your school?
Oberlin College
Thanks for your question, Ella! All students who apply and enroll in 2022 will automatically receive our renewable $10,000 Oberlin Commitment Scholarship. Oberlin offers additional merit scholarships as well. There are no separate applications you need to worry about submitting; all admitted students are considered for merit scholarships. You will be notified of your merit scholarship along with your offer of admission. More information is available here: https://www.oberlin.edu/financial-aid/policies/scholarships
Morgan P.
2 years ago
Does Oberlin offer an accelerated master's program for general psychology or clinical psychology?
Oberlin College
Thanks for your question, Morgan! While Oberlin has sent more students on to get PhDs than any other liberal arts college over the last 100 years, we do not offer master or PhD programs. You can learn more about our Psychology program here: https://www.oberlin.edu/arts-and-sciences/departments/psychology
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Majors offered at Oberlin College

Biggest majors
Political Science and Government
Biology, General

Academics at Oberlin College

SAT Score Range
Required with application
ACT Score Range
Required with application
Student Faculty Ratio
9 to 1
Somewhat Selective (36% Acceptance Rate)
School type
Non-profit Private 4-year institution
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Common careers for Oberlin College students

Common Careers and Their Average Annual Salary

Senior Product Manager128k
Software Engineer111k
Executive Director80k
Project Manager, (Unspecified Type / General)67k
Data Analyst63k
Content Strategist54k
Program Coordinator, Non-Profit Organization46k
Based on 2,583 student responses
53.9kAvg. Early Career Pay
99.4kAvg. Mid-Career Pay
47%in High-Meaning careers
21%in STEM careers

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Student reviews of Oberlin College

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LGBTQ+ friendly
Welcoming student body
Accessible and helpful professors
Beautiful campus
Awesome study spaces and libraries
Sofia Leitao
STEM + 5 others



The Oberlin Community is always really helpful. It is not a competitive environment, so everyone is always helping each other. The food in dining halls is better or worse, depending on the day, but it is overall good. The dorm rooms and buildings are old, but also good.

WHAT I didn’t LIKE

Sometimes the food is not good, and the showers have curtains instead of doors.



It has been difficult throughout Covid, but Oberlin has been a great experience overall. Education is great. People are great. Everything I expected.

WHAT I didn’t LIKE

The food costs too much. I would have liked options for more affordable housing.

Naomi Saito
Travel And Tourism
Ceramics And Pottery
Photography and Photo Editing



Though I am just a first year, I felt very welcomed by the Oberlin community.

WHAT I didn’t LIKE

It seemed slightly homogenous when it came to political beliefs; very left leaning/liberal.

Cal Ransom
Dungeons And Dragons
Botany + 5 others



Great for LGBT people, especially trans people. The queer community is amazing, and you can easily find a large group of people who understand and respect you. There are always concerts to go to with really amazing artists. The professors have the chance to really get to know you and support you. There are also a lot of students who will support you, through the writing center, tutoring, etc.

WHAT I didn’t LIKE

Since it's a small school, resources can be hard to find, especially in terms of manpower. It's hard to find food outside of dining hall hours & especially on weekends, so bringing a pan and setting aside some money for groceries/to eat out is a good idea.

Lily Chisholm-Falke
Drawing And Illustration
Music Production
Electric Guitar
Running + 7 others



I love Oberlin! Although it isn’t the traditional college experience, if you are meant to be here it will be amazing for you. The faculty here are incredible and genuinely want to teach. If you are a STEM major like me, it is so easy to get involved in research on campus - not many undergraduates can have their name on a published paper in a journal! There is no Greek life, instead, we have a system of co-ops. There are plenty of alternative social events to do - with a music venue, bowling alley, and tons of clubs on campus, it is never boring if you reach out.

WHAT I didn’t LIKE

The party scene is very small, but I personally love this about Oberlin. Sports are also weak. The food is fine, nothing amazing. We have an awesome smoothie place and sushi place on campus though!

Anton Shelton
Music Composition
Music Theory



My education has been phenomenal. The professors actively want you to succeed. They reach out without crossing boundaries. The administration and advisors are really there to help you and are incredibly knowledgeable. You truly can do whatever you want here and everyone will support it.

WHAT I didn’t LIKE

The social life isn't particularly wild on the weekends.

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