Mansfield University of Pennsylvania

5 Swan Street, Mansfield, PA

Questions and Answers about Mansfield University of Pennsylvania

Lily C.
1 year ago
Where can I find scholarships opportunities that Mansfield University of Pennsylvania offers?
Megan G.
2 years ago
Does Mansfield University of Pennsylvania offer a Master's program?
Faith D.
2 years ago
What do Mansfield University of Pennsylvania admissions counselors look for in an ideal applicant?

Majors offered at Mansfield University of Pennsylvania

Biggest majors
Registered Nursing, Nursing Administration, Nursing Research and Clinical Nursing
Business Administration, Management and Operations
Psychology, General

Academics at Mansfield University of Pennsylvania

SAT Score Range
Required with application
ACT Score Range
Required with application
Student Faculty Ratio
14 to 1
Least Selective (92% Acceptance Rate)
School type
Public 4-year institution
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Common careers for Mansfield University of Pennsylvania students

Common Careers and Their Average Annual Salary

Human Resources (HR) Manager68k
Training & Development Manager67k
Registered Nurse (RN)63k
Human Resources (HR) Specialist59k
Administrative Assistant56k
Retail Store Manager51k
Environmental Scientist49k
Based on 1,183 student responses
44kAvg. Early Career Pay
73.9kAvg. Mid-Career Pay
56%in High-Meaning careers
12%in STEM careers

Net price of attending Mansfield University of Pennsylvania

Mansfield University of Pennsylvania financial aid

Grants per year
Loans per year

Student reviews of Mansfield University of Pennsylvania

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100% of students

Known for

Accessible and helpful professors
Beautiful campus
Comfortable dorms
Helpful learning and accessibility services
Ashley Connelly
Drawing And Illustration
Pet Care
Reading + 5 others



Mansfield University offers small class sizes in a rural town. The professors were involved with your education, they were always available for help. The buildings were opened late if for instance, you were an art major and needed access to certain classrooms to work on your projects. I was a local, so I knew the town very well before I applied there. At the time, there wasn't much to do outside of campus but new businesses are popping up all over Main Street and North Central PA is known for its walking and hiking trails. There were many clubs you could participate in to keep you occupied on campus though. The only downside to Mansfield is literally built on a hill and it can be brutal, especially if you are an art student and have to carry your supplies with you. But you will have amazing calf muscles!

WHAT I didn’t LIKE

The parking situation could be better. Since I graduated there, they have built new dorms over some old parking lots so I'm not sure where you're able to park now. Cardiac Hill is self-explanatory since the campus was built on a steep hill. At the time I attended, they were cutting down programs. I'm not sure what the current programs look like.

Taylor Werts
Babysitting And Childcare



Mansfield is a great place to attend college. there are lots of resources and great dorm rooms.

WHAT I didn’t LIKE

There are a lot of hills to walk up to get to classes

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