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Baltimore, MD
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Questions and Answers

Maggie H.
13 days ago
What type of merit scholarships does Loyola University Maryland offer?
Loyola University Maryland
Hi Maggie! We offer merit-based scholarships that currently range from $21,000-$35,000. 95% of our students receive merit-based scholarships and the average amount is $29,000. You can learn more on affordability by clicking here: https://www.loyola.edu/department/financial-aid/undergraduate/tuition-price-affordability
Andrew S.
3 months ago
Do you accept transfer credits from other AASCB programs for your MBA?
Loyola University Maryland
In theory, yes! But all courses need to be reviewed and evaluated by our Academic Advising and Support Center first before we can formally confirm. Feel free to reach out to us and we can help you with this. Phone Number: 410-617-5050, Email: aasc@loyola.edu.
Andrew S.
3 months ago
Are GMAT waivers available for your MBA program?
Loyola University Maryland
Under certain conditions, the GMAT or GRE may be waived. Applicants who wish to be considered for a GMAT or GRE waiver must: -Meet at least one of the classifications below. -Request the GMAT/GRE waiver using the check box on the online application form. -Supply the required documentation. -Submit a complete application file before the waiver request will be considered. -An interview with an academic advisor may be required. Feel free to contact an admissions advisor for more information (professional's MBA: mba@loyola.edu)
Kayleigh K.
4 months ago
Does Loyola University have any study abroad options?
Loyola University Maryland
We do! Over 60+ programs to choose from, to be exact! You can learn more and explore our programs by clicking here: https://www.loyola.edu/admission/undergraduate/academics/study-abroad
Sadie S.
4 months ago
How would you describe the on-campus atmosphere and surrounding area?
Loyola University Maryland
The Evergreen campus in the center of Baltimore, MD is surrounded by a residential neighborhood, resulting in the perfect oasis for your academic focus, while having access to a major city and the social, academic, and professional opportunities that come with it.
Fiona G.
4 months ago
Would I be able to change my option to be on campus next year if I apply this year?
Loyola University Maryland
Absolutely! Just reach out to the Office of Undergraduate Admission at admission@loyola.edu for assistance with this!

Academic details

Student Faculty Ratio
12 to 1
Less Selective (79% Acceptance Rate)
School type
4-year institution

Diversity statistics

72% White
11% Black
9% Hispanic
3% Asian
3% Multiracial
Work at Loyola University Maryland?
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Common Careers

Common Careers and Their Average Annual Salary

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)156k
Product Manager, Software111k
Marketing Manager83k
Senior Financial Analyst81k
Project Manager, (Unspecified Type / General)79k
Account Manager59k
Financial Analyst57k
Based on 4,319 student responses
60.2kAvg. Early Career Pay
121.6kAvg. Mid-Career Pay
42%in High-Meaning careers
8%in STEM careers

Financial Snapshot

Average Financial Breakdown
Average grant for incoming freshmen
Average Pell Grant
Average Federal Loans

Average Institutional Grant
Average Total Loans
Published tuition and fees (Out of state)
$50,100 / year
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