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Majors offered at Ivy Tech Community College-Northcentral

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Academics at Ivy Tech Community College-Northcentral

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Student reviews of Ivy Tech Community College-Northcentral

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Known for

Safe campus
Diverse and Inclusive
Lots of interesting clubs and activities
Accessible and helpful professors
Alyssa Seanor
Painting and Studio Art
Ice Hockey
Rugby + 12 others



I absolutely adored all of my professors, they were always there to help if I had any problems.

WHAT I didn’t LIKE

It was hard to get in contact with some of the counselors.

Jurneé-Len Davis
Exercise And Fitness
Mental Health
Running + 2 others



Ivy Tech provides a very flexible relationship between student and their education. Financial woes are very common for many young students, breaks sometimes are involuntary and necessary. Ivy tech has never once removed me from its schooling system, I can always pick up where I left off. They are very understanding of the everchanging and always-evolving mind of an inspired student. They always gave room for students to trial and error their major choice. All and all very understanding and easy to maneuver.

WHAT I didn’t LIKE

People are human, human error is common. I ended racially charged human bias. That was my largest issue, and I experienced it specifically in the RN/ADN program. Otherwise, the professors have all been very professional and respectable.

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