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Crystal C.
6 months ago
What resources does Indiana Tech offer for students with disabilities?
Indiana Tech
Hi Crystal, sorry for the delayed response. We have a disability services coordinator on campus, Angela Williams, who I recommend reaching out to for details.
Benaiah H.
10 months ago
Where can I find more information about Indiana Tech's admission requirements?
Indiana Tech
Hi Benaiah, I can only speak for the Traditional Admissions Office. We generally want students to have a 2.0 GPA on a 4-pt. scale. SAT or ACT are optional right now, because of the pandemic. I recommend calling campus for more details if you need them. The phone number is 260.422.5561. Sorry for the delayed response.
Traci C.
1 year ago
How long are the certification programs for Human Resource Management at Indiana Tech?
Indiana Tech
Hi Traci, you can view the curriculum for that at this link: There will be 6 classes, and most classes are 6 weeks long. I hope that helps!

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I chose the online program as it fit better with my schedule. It is easier to manage a more in-depth, condensed version of one class at a time than multiple classes at once. The information network is always helpful and the people I’ve spoken to have been great as well!

WHAT I didn’t LIKE

In the last year they have changed the schedule of classes and now there is a very short summer break

Charizma Yim
Painting and Studio Art
Baking + 3 others



I love their online learning and the way they are very helpful and attentive.

WHAT I didn’t LIKE

Just get your work done and you need to tell them when and when not to call you or they will blow up your phone! I tell them to email me and if I don't respond call me once and never on the weekends.

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