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Questions and Answers about Hollins University

Nahtara S.
3 months ago
What percentage of students study abroad?
Hollins University
Hi Nahtara! 58% of our undergraduate students study abroad.
Lisa O.
5 months ago
What kind of merit scholarships does Hollins University offer?
Hollins University
Hi Lisa! Hollins University offers many scholarships and merit aid opportunities, including full-tuition scholarships. All admitted students receive a minimum of $24,000 per year in merit aid, and our average scholarship and grant aid to 2020 first-year students was $36,772. You can learn more about all the scholarships Hollins offers here on our website: https://hollins.edu/admission/undergraduate-financial-aid-scholarships/scholarships-awards/
Cora B.
5 months ago
Are students with disabilities allowed accommodations in Hollins classes?
Hollins University
Yes, they are! Hollins considers each student's needs individually. We recognize accommodations that work for one student may not work for another. As part of the process, students will need to provide the proper documentation by a relevant qualified professional. The student will then work with the dean or program director and their instructors to fulfill the required accommodations. Please visit our website below for more details about the process and accommodations! https://www.hollins.edu/academics/academic-resources/learning-accommodations
Sajida A.
5 months ago
What does Hollins University do to ensure the safety of minority students (BIPOC, disabled, Muslim, lgbtq+, women, etc.) from bigotry and hate crimes?
Hollins University
The inclusion and safety of our students are a vital part of Hollins’ mission. Hollins has an Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion that helps to provide educational programs, services, and support that promote cultural competence and an affirming environment for all faculty, staff, and students. We also have a Title IX coordinator who helps to ensure the safety of all of our students. Our harassment grievance board is open to all students if they want to talk to the board, they can also stay anonymous when speaking with a member.
Kara V.
7 months ago
How does Hollins set students up for success in attending graduate school?
Hollins University
Hi Kara! Hollins is dedicated to helping students succeed after graduation. Our career center offers a variety of workshops to help students prepare for their dream graduate program. The center also gives students access to Hollins’ Career Advising Network, a worldwide group of alumnae, friends, and parents willing to help students achieve their goals. Our students also develop incredible bonds with faculty and staff who will personally advocate for you and help you reach the next step in your academic journey.
Kara V.
7 months ago
When it comes to pets, is Hollins University open to allowing Emotional Support Animals on campus?
Hollins University
Hi Kara! Hollins does allow Service/Assistance/support animals! Hollins recognizes the importance of Service Dogs as defined by the ADA Amendments Act of 2008 and the broader category of Assistance/Support Animals under the Fair Housing Act. The health and safety of Hollins students, faculty, staff, and the service dog or assistance animal is an important concern; therefore, each request for such an accommodation will be considered and the decision made on a case by case basis.


Founded in 1842, Hollins University is a 4-year liberal arts university for women and the first all-female institution chartered in Virginia. Hollins confers undergraduate degrees in 28 fields of study and all undergraduate programs are open only to women while men are eligible to take Hollins classes at the graduate level. Hollins was one of the first colleges in the US to create a study abroad program and now hosts them in many countries, including in London and Paris, and a service learning project in Lucea, Jamaica. For recreation, the Hollins outdoor program sponsors hiking, mountain climbing, and skiing excursions. Once every year, Hollins cancels classes for the annual campus Tinker Day celebration and all students hike up nearby Tinker Mountain in costume for a picnic lunch and social gathering.

Majors offered at Hollins University

Biggest majors
English Language and Literature, General
Business/Commerce, General
Psychology, General

Academics at Hollins University

SAT Score Range
Considered with application
ACT Score Range
Considered with application
Student Faculty Ratio
10 to 1
Less Selective (64% Acceptance Rate)
School type
Non-profit Private 4-year institution

Hollins University demographics

66% White
9% Black
7% Hispanic
5% Multiracial
2% Asian
1% Native
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Common careers for Hollins University students

Common Careers and Their Average Annual Salary

Chief Operating Officer (COO)150k
Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)100k
Vice President (VP), Business Development96k
Director, Compensation91k
Executive Director84k
Director of Development, Non-Profit Organization57k
Prosecuting Attorney49k
Based on 847 student responses
42.3kAvg. Early Career Pay
82kAvg. Mid-Career Pay
46%in High-Meaning careers
12%in STEM careers

Net price of attending Hollins University

Hollins University financial aid

Grants per year
Loans per year

Student reviews of Hollins University

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Known for

Accessible and helpful professors
Helpful career services
Great internship and research opportunities
Helpful learning and accessibility services
LGBTQ+ friendly
April Little
Theology and Religious Studies
Advocacy And Activism
French + 2 others



It offered a rigorous and innovative liberal arts education and a welcoming and encouraging environment to grow and ask questions. I grew so much as a writer and a person and was able to get good internships through the career center. As an institution, it is still wrestling with issues of racism and transphobia (it's a historically women's college), but the student body is committed to holding the administration accountable to have these issues addressed. Hollins also has one of the strongest alum networks of any school in the country--because it's not just four years, it's for life! I cherish all the friendships I made. Moody Dining Hall definitely had room for growth when it comes to food quality and variety of foods for folks with dietary needs (rice and beans were the most common vegan entree). But they also have a really nice cafe and bistro called the HUB. Hollins traditions are incredible--hiking mountains in silly costumes, spraying cider all over each other on the front quad, Ring Night which I don't even have words to explain--it was an experience that I'll never forget.

WHAT I didn’t LIKE

I mentioned the issues in the previous section, the review--the racism and transphobia, esp. at the admin level, the food in Moody, and I guess one more thing would be the drama that tends to happen between first-year roommates.

Astrid Vanbaba
Embroidery And Cross Stitching
Sewing + 1 other



For anyone wanting to go to a liberal arts college, Hollins is a great place to check out. The school is more geared to writing and the arts; however, the science programs are also very good. I love the teachers and faculty of Hollins. They are one of the kindest groups of people I've ever met. All teachers and faculties are eager to help students with whatever they need, and they do so with the utmost efficiency. The small class sizes are also wonderful if you prefer having a more intimate classroom setting. I also love the activities available on campus. We have weekly Bingo games, arts and craft activities, and other fun campus activities like movie nights and plays. My only caution is there is a lot to do academically. Since I am a STEM major, I have quite a few classes to take. Hollins has something called Skills and Perspectives, which I believe are their Gen Ed classes. They have quite a few of these classes and they are all required for graduation. I often find myself struggling to plan my classes each semester because of this. I have been told by several people to simply take classes over the summer; however, that is not something I can afford to do, and there doesn't seem to be any other way around this. So I recommend for any incoming students (especially STEM), try and take some of those Gen Eds before coming here. This is so you'll have more time for classes needed for your major.

WHAT I didn’t LIKE

As mentioned before, the Skills and Perspective classes can be quite time-consuming if your major doesn't allow for free time. I highly suggest looking up those classes and seeing if you can take them at a community college or dual enrollment program before coming to Hollins.

Natté Fortier
Politics and Political Science
Social Justice
Public Policy
History + 1 other



Hollins is the most welcoming environment that makes every student feel like an integral and vital member of the community. The professors are simply amazing and truly care about the success of each and every student.

WHAT I didn’t LIKE

Students who are seeking a lively and bustling social scene should likely look elsewhere - there's the occasional party, but it's just not what we're very much about.

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