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3095 Yerba Buena Rd, San Jose, CA

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Stephanie P.
1 year ago
Would you advise full-time students to work part-time?

Majors offered at Evergreen Valley College

Biggest majors
Business Administration, Management and Operations
Psychology, General
Biological and Physical Sciences

Academics at Evergreen Valley College

Student Faculty Ratio
31 to 1
School type
Public 2-year institution

Demographics for Evergreen Valley College Students

Ethnicity BreakdownAsianBlackCaucasianHispanicMiddle EasternNative AmericanPacific Islander
Evergreen Valley College Students36%7%21%33%5%0%2%
All Bold.org College Students11%21%37%25%2%0%1%
Gender breakdown
Evergreen Valley College Students
< 12% Gender nonconforming
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Common careers for Evergreen Valley College students

Common Careers and Their Average Annual Salary

Supply Chain Planner117k
Product Manager, (Unspecified Type)90k
Product Owner78k
Project Accountant70k
Sales Development Representative (SDR)50k
Restaurant Manager49k
Retail Store Manager47k
Based on 168 student responses
49.6kAvg. Early Career Pay
76.6kAvg. Mid-Career Pay
64%in High-Meaning careers
8%in STEM careers

Net price of attending Evergreen Valley College

Evergreen Valley College financial aid

Grants per year
Loans per year

Student reviews of Evergreen Valley College

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Recommended by

100% of students

Known for

Diverse and Inclusive
Beautiful campus
Safe campus
Awesome study spaces and libraries



I liked that I was able to take most of my classes online through the pandemic.

WHAT I didn’t LIKE

Sophia Medina
Photography and Photo Editing
Art + 7 others



I have been at Evergreen Valley College for about a year now, my first semester was online and now I’m in person. It can be challenging but it is doable as long as you try. The people on campus are very welcoming from my experience. I was lost trying to find my classes and from there I made a couple of new friends, it turned out we were all going to our chem lecture. Overall I think evergreen is a good choice for a college, there are many good teachers and office hours/ tutoring are available if needed.

WHAT I didn’t LIKE

I would beware of the workload might be startling going from high school to the college workload.

Mai Anh Trinh
Art + 8 others



So far, my experience has been pleasant due to the quick response to issues I have been having as well as how efficiently they handle it to help students go back on track of their future

WHAT I didn’t LIKE

I feel the courses are limiting, especially for those who still choose to study long distance due to Covid. I believe there should be a variety of more online classes for students to take!

Jennifer Le
Social Media
True Crime
YouTube + 7 others



There are quite a few things that I like about Evergreen Valley College. For starters, I like the professors; since the fall of 2020, I've never really had any issues with the professors that I've gotten. They were all really understanding & wanted each & every single one of us in the class to succeed. I also like the fact that there are options for online, in-person, & hybrid learning, so students can choose whichever form of learning they want. I've gotten all the classes that I wanted & they were all online, too, which was something that I also wanted. Lastly, outside of academics, the school does hold food distribution, as well as mental health counseling for those who need it. Food distributions are held a few times a month, I believe, & it's free & contactless!

WHAT I didn’t LIKE

Something that I didn't like about Evergreen Valley College is the lack of communication skills within the administration. I had a friend who was conversing with a person from administration via email; her emails were short & concise, however, admin never seemed to be able to answer her questions straight up. If anything, it left her with more questions & frustration than answers, which resulted in her having to follow up with them multiple times.

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