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Emerson College draws independent minds from diverse backgrounds around the world through its highly regarded academic programs in communication, the arts, and the liberal arts. Energized by engagement with the creative life of Boston, Los Angeles, and the Netherlands, our students are creative thinkers and doers who develop their own personal voice and expertise in professions that profoundly shape society and culture in the 21st century. ➡️ Undergraduate Admissions Publications https://www.emerson.edu/undergraduate-admission-publications ➡️ Undergraduate Admission & Aid https://www.emerson.edu/admissions-aid/undergraduate-admission

Questions and Answers about Emerson College

Ella C.
1 year ago
What mental health resources do you offer to make sure students have the optimal opportunity to succeed?
Emerson College
Hi Ella, Our students have access to Emerson College Counseling & Psychological Services (ECAPS). You can read more about their resources at the following link: https://emerson.edu/departments/counseling-psychological-services ECAPS provides students with tools for stress management, peer-led support groups, and resources for students of color / LGBT students. We also have student run organizations such as "Active Minds", which helps break down stigmas surrounding mental health. You can learn more at EmConnect: https://emconnect.emerson.edu/
Miriam T.
1 year ago
What percentage of graduate students require taking out a loan for tuition at any point in their time at Emerson?
Taell-Elyse A.
1 year ago
Are freshman allowed to have a car on campus?
Emerson College
Hi Taell-Elyse, Unfortunately for both commuters and residents, we do not encourage students to have a car on campus. Emerson College being located centrally in Downtown Boston. Traffic can be highly congested, and there are very limited metered parking options. Additionally, Boston is a very walkable city, and we have the MBTA as our subway system for longer distances. Please feel free to read more about our Motor Vehicle Policies here: https://emerson.edu/policies/motor-vehicles
Elizabeth B.
1 year ago
Are freshmen required to live on campus at Emerson?
Emerson College
Hi there! New first time students are guaranteed and required to live on campus at Emerson College for their first 3 years. During their first year at Emerson, students will live in our Little Building Residence Hall (communal styled), before having the opportunity to live in our other suite styled residence halls from their second year onward. I have a link to more information regarding Housing and Residential Education here:https://www.emerson.edu/departments/housing-residential-education/residence-halls
Eliana U.
1 year ago
Will Emerson accept my dual enrollment credit as college credit?
Emerson College
Hi Eliana, Emerson accepts AP, CLEP, IB, and Dual Enrollment credits as college credits. New first time students may transfer a maximum of 32 college credits from any of these options. Please note that for certain exams (such as AP), there are certain scores students must earn, in order to be considered for college transfer credit. I have a link to our transfer credit policies here for your perusal: https://www.emerson.edu/policies/transfer-credit
Elizabeth B.
1 year ago
What is the average class size for lower division courses at Emerson?
Emerson College
Hi Elizabeth, The overall average class size is about 25 students per class. However, most students will actually be in classes between 14-18 students, when it comes to major-specific courses. Our student to faculty ratio is also 13:1, and due to the small size of the college, students are able to receive individualized learning approaches from their professors, while forming strong relationships with peers, teachers, and staff members.
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