California Baptist University

Riverside, CA
Christian college

Questions and Answers

Naomi H.
23 days ago
Can scholarships be negotiated at CBU?
California Baptist University
Hi Naomi, scholarships can't be negotiated. However you are able to stack scholarships. So it's a great way to layer and bring down that cost. We have a lot of scholarship opportunities available that I would encourage you to check out on our website.
Melanie G.
1 month ago
Can you pass a CBU course with a 'D' grade?
California Baptist University
Hi Melanie, we have a lot of support for our students through Faculty, staff, and our Office of Student Success where we offer free tutoring and writing services for all of our students in any subject. Because of that it's our hope that student's won't let their grades slip below those passing standards so that they can graduate on time and be successful!
Lilly K.
1 month ago
How often are volleyball scholarships given out at CBU?
California Baptist University
Hi Lilly, because we are an NCAA DI school, scholarships are really dependent upon how many spots are available on the teams and are determined by the coaches. I would recommend connecting on our athletics website at to find out more about that process.
Isabelle L.
1 month ago
Do transfer students need the SAT and ACT scores?
California Baptist University
Hi Isabelle! No, transfers do not need to submit ACT or SAT scores, however, neither do our first time freshman this year. We are currently test blind.
Aubre’ F.
1 month ago
What are some ways students can get in contact with your volleyball coach?
California Baptist University
Hi Aubre', i would recommend completing a recruiter request profile on under the volleyball tab. That will put your name and face in front of our coaches.
Susan M.
1 month ago
Are freshman allowed to have a car on California Baptist University campus?
California Baptist University
Hey Susan, yes! Freshman are allowed to have cars and it's FREE to park at CBU, they just need to register them with our Safety Services office.

Academic details

SAT Score Range
Required with application
ACT Score Range
Required with application
Student Faculty Ratio
14 to 1
Less Selective (80% Acceptance Rate)
School type
Non-profit Private 4-year institution

Diversity statistics

37% White
36% Hispanic
9% Black
6% Asian
5% Multiracial
1% Native
1% Pacific Islander
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Common Careers

Common Careers and Their Average Annual Salary

Project Manager, (Unspecified Type / General)97k
Software Engineer79k
Financial Analyst70k
Project Engineer65k
Mechanical Engineer64k
Marketing Manager64k
Human Resources (HR) Manager62k
Based on 2,058 student responses
49.3kAvg. Early Career Pay
77.9kAvg. Mid-Career Pay
57%in High-Meaning careers
9%in STEM careers

Financial Snapshot

Average Financial Breakdown
Average grant for incoming freshmen
Average Pell Grant
Average Federal Loans

Average Institutional Grant
Average Total Loans
Published tuition and fees (Out of state)
$34,902 / year
While we do our best to show up-to-date information, due to COVID-19 and other factors out of our control, it is possible that the data we are showing about test requirements, application deadlines, and more, are inaccurate. Please verify with the college itself via their website to ensure you are aware of all requirements and deadlines.