Augustana University

Sioux Falls, SD
Christian college

Questions and Answers

Emilia M.
4 months ago
Where can I find more information about Campus life at Augustana University?
Augustana University
Emilia, there's more than enough ways to get involved on Augustana's campus. Depending on your interests and how you want to be involved. There is always something going on around campus for students. You can find more information about student clubs and organizations here: Also, information about our recreational services and student life in general:
Lenei E.
5 months ago
What resources does Augustana University have that help your students succeed?
Augustana University
Augustana has many different resources available for students to succeed. First of all as soon as you're enrolled at AU you're matched with an academic advisor in your major that works closely with you in registration, advice on classes, life etc.. We also have our student success center that works with students academically and professionally as well:
Lenei E.
5 months ago
What is the job placement rate for recent graduates at Augustana University?
Augustana University
As of 2020 our job placement rate is 97%. You can find more information regarding this here:
Lenei E.
5 months ago
How does Augustana University make sure that the campus is a safe place for everyone?
Augustana University
We have a great campus safety department that offers 24/7 protection and services to our faculty, staff and students. They also work closely with local partners like our police department to make sure they're using updated and best practices. Also, we have well being model with resources available to students that you can look into more here: We're an inclusive campus that welcomes people of all backgrounds. We have students from about 25 international countries and 30 different states.
Lenei E.
5 months ago
What is the most popular activity that students get involved in at Augustana?
Augustana University
I would say intramurals is the most popular thing students are involved in at Augustana. About 93% of our student body participates in some form of intramural activities. Here's a link to some of our fast facts as well:

Academic details

SAT Score Range
Required with application
ACT Score Range
Required with application
Student Faculty Ratio
12 to 1
Less Selective (65% Acceptance Rate)
School type
Non-profit Private 4-year institution

Diversity statistics

82% White
4% Hispanic
2% Black
1% Asian
1% Multiracial
1% Native
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Common Careers

Common Careers and Their Average Annual Salary

Vice President (VP), Operations122k
Executive Director100k
Software Engineer82k
Software Developer78k
Project Manager, (Unspecified Type / General)77k
Human Resources (HR) Manager72k
Attorney / Lawyer65k
Based on 987 student responses
47.5kAvg. Early Career Pay
91.9kAvg. Mid-Career Pay
53%in High-Meaning careers
18%in STEM careers

Financial Snapshot

Average Financial Breakdown
Average grant for incoming freshmen
Average Pell Grant
Average Federal Loans

Average Institutional Grant
Average Total Loans
Published tuition and fees (Out of state)
$33,960 / year
While we do our best to show up-to-date information, due to COVID-19 and other factors out of our control, it is possible that the data we are showing about test requirements, application deadlines, and more, are inaccurate. Please verify with the college itself via their website to ensure you are aware of all requirements and deadlines.