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Samariyah F.
7 months ago
How much are monthly bills usually for a traditional undergraduate at Anderson University?
Jadon R.
7 months ago
Are scholarships here heavily applied for at Anderson University?
Taylor O.
7 months ago
If an prospective student has a parent at Anderson University, can they apply for scholarships?
Taylor O.
7 months ago
When should I apply for Anderson University on campus housing?
Asiah P.
7 months ago
What is the average cost of attendance for Anderson University ?
Micah V.
7 months ago
Is there a separate application required for the Commercial Music program at AU?

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John Berry



The professors are very friendly and it is pretty easy to get help. If you can’t meet a professor, there are also a good handful of tutors who can help you.

WHAT I didn’t LIKE

There are too many students for the size of the campus and the dorms are always packed. The dorms always need maintenance. The cafeteria is full of junk food and when you do want healthy food it’s poorly made. The cafeteria also struggles to make enough food for everyone during lunchtime and it’s very hard to find seats during lunch and dinner.

Emma Criffield
Exercise And Fitness



My education experience at AU has been great in helping me grow and further my education. The professors are always helpful, and they want to see their students grow and learn.

WHAT I didn’t LIKE

There aren't many clubs to join on campus because it is such a small university, and the parking isn't the best. Freshmen do have to park off-campus, so this creates a slight headache when it comes to getting your car.

Caitlyn Wilde
Photography and Photo Editing
Travel And Tourism



I graduated from a small private Christian school, so enrolling at Anderson University was the perfect jump for me. Some people like big public colleges, and others, like myself, prefer smaller, more close-knit colleges. Anderson University has the perfect community for those who are looking to grow mentally and spiritually. The campus is always spotless, but that's also because they mow the lawn every Tuesday and Thursday morning. There is always something to do on campus with student activities so I highly recommend putting yourself out there and going to as many events as possible. Anderson has gone through a couple of dining services in the past year, so the quality has been fluctuating, but you can always count on excellent Cafeteria food when there are visitors. All of the teachers that I've had are amazing, so I have no doubts that most of them are just as good. I will say that the student body is majority Christian, but the university works hard to make sure everyone feels included. Overall, I couldn't have asked for a better school and I always recommend it to anyone who asks!

WHAT I didn’t LIKE

There are small things that I have found I don't like about Anderson University. They are currently working on integrating a new website that helps with registering for classes, creating schedules, getting in touch with advisors, etc. This website is not bad, but I think that Anderson should help their students out by showing them how it works, instead of throwing us to the wolves. Anderson tends to find some new way to improve something but forgets to tell us, students, how to work it. Other than that, I have nothing bad to say about it!

Greer Prince
Hiking And Backpacking



After struggling so much in high school with friends and going to classes with teachers who didn't care, Anderson University was a breath of fresh air. I have learned more in this first year of school than I did throughout all of high school. Every single professor is so kind and loving. They genuinely care about each student, academically and non-academically. I am so incredibly thankful for the chance to attend this amazing school.

WHAT I didn’t LIKE

Honestly, it is just amazing. The food isn't super great but it isn't super great anywhere. It is definitely better than a lot of places though. Some dorm rooms are small, but I did not spend hardly any time in mine because I would be studying in the library, hanging out with friends, or going to campus events.

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