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Mazharul J.
7 months ago
Does Alfred State College accept TASC?
Damian M.
1 year ago
How do students receive work-study at Alfred State College?

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Ava Martinez
Interior Design



Alfred State College was very accepting and encouraging of new students. There is an exciting, open environment surrounding campus where any student can feel welcome in. I have never felt unsafe on campus or in the classroom. Every professor I have met is very friendly and lends a helping hand when it is needed.

WHAT I didn’t LIKE

There aren’t many big things about Alfred State that prospective students should be aware of. The town of Alfred is quite small so a car is almost necessary for students who are self-reliant for groceries.

Jadalyn Arnold
Violin + 3 others



Alfred has an amazing faculty that is willing to help you with anything, even some personal things. Every teacher I've had has professional experience in the class subject. The forensics program is accredited, and the architecture program is also really good.

WHAT I didn’t LIKE

The whole campus is on a hill. Dorms are more towards the bottom and walking to classes is almost always uphill.

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