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NCPMobile Review 18 Reviews

NCPMobile's easy-to-use app can help you get rewarded for purchases you and other members of your household make.

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Why we love it
NCPMobile is a great way to earn rewards for purchases you're already making, or to play games and win even more. It is a great way for anyone to earn something extra.
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at

What Students Say

18 reviews

It is so hard to use

NCPMobile is extremely hard to link to my accounts as well as navigate on a mobile device. I do not reccomend.


Some of the questions areva little personal for a store receipt app and I hate I cant just scan the barcode on receipt

Not The Best

The app asks for a lot of information that some people may not be comfortable giving out, and the registration process is incredibly long.


The app is a great way to earn gift cards and money using your phone.

Did not like effort to sign up

This is frustrating, so much effort to sign up. Plus, I still haven't gotten my Bold points for signing up. And then when I tried to actually use the app to scan a barcode, it wouldn't recognize it. Not a fan.

Great Resource

The app is a great way to earn gift cards and money using your smartphone.

It is not user friendly

I tried this app and other apps similar to this. The registration process was lengthy and not user friendly interface.

It’s too much

I had to go through too much registration just to get to the point of the app.

Love this one!

This app has helped me on a daily basis by the information that it has, very recommended.

This is genius

I think this is very similar to the Fetch reward app and there are many products that we use daily so why not take a minute to review them and earn some gift cards.