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Ava Valier
GPA: 4
Ava Valier
GPA: 4
I am an 8th grader from Southern Indiana. I attribute my family's and my own high expectations to my 4.0 GPA which I have maintained every school year thus far. Between being student council president, a broadcast personality, editor for the yearbook staff, an athlete, and having house chores I juggle a lot of responsibilities. I dabble in many different hobbies and would consider myself a jack of (almost) all trades. I am an activist for Special Olympics, social justice, and climate change. I would like to be a chiropractor when I grow up, and a 911 dispatcher through college. Social wise, I enjoy spending time with my friends. I have often been described as a likable and funny person. Although I do work well with others, I am naturally a very independent person. My aspirations are virtually endless, but for now, I am trying to figure out my day to day life. I wish I could say I was a highly devout Christian, but my faith and bond with God is still something I am trying to strengthen daily. At the end of the day, I am far from perfect but I am trying my best which I believe is the only thing we can do.
Interested in:
Purdue University-Main Campus
Butler University
Indiana University-Bloomington
Gabriella Gaston
SAT: 1260   |   GPA: 4
Gabriella Gaston
SAT: 1260   |   GPA: 4
My life goal is to change the world. No, I'm serious, I will change the world. I will change the world by tying a child's shoes, by changing the way America recycles, by helping to be a part of creating a physically and mentally healthy environment for everyone in America, no matter who you are. Every kind deed, no matter how big or how small, is a step towards an improved society. This is my goal. To be the change.
Interested in:
Purdue University-Main Campus
University of Notre Dame
Marquette University
Halle Gustrowsky
GPA: 4
Halle Gustrowsky
GPA: 4
I am currently in High School, but my goal for the future is to study Graphic Design and Computer Science (specifically Digital Media), in college. My goal is to one day own my own graphic design business and work as a freelancer, doing work for individual clients and giving them the designs of their dreams. I want to study computer science as well because the technology side of graphic design is very interesting to me. I am very passionate about school, art, music, writing, and show choir. I have always been a very creative person, and I hope that studying graphic design in college will give me the opportunity to create for the rest of my life.
Interested in:
Purdue University-Main Campus
Taylor University
Butler University
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Mechanical Engineering
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Aeronautical/Aerospace Engineering Technology/Technician
Bioengineering And Biomedical Engineering
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Biology/Biological Sciences, General
Accounting And Business/Management
Civil Engineering, General
Top Other Schools of Interest
Indiana University-Bloomington
Indiana University-Purdue University-Indianapolis
University of Notre Dame
University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Ball State University
Ohio State University-Main Campus
High Schools with Strong Student Interest
Noblesville High School
Carmel High School
Westfield High School
Hamilton Southeastern High School
Avon High School
Ben Davis High School
Lake Central High School
North Central High School
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