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Gwenyth Calaro
SAT: 1240   |   GPA: 3.9
Gwenyth Calaro
SAT: 1240   |   GPA: 3.9
Hello, my name is Gwenyth. I have an infinite love for math and science and have always visioned myself being part of the medical field since I was a little girl. I take pride in my ability to remain resilient when challenged with obstacles and I strive to grow and contribute to my community as much as possible.
Interested in:
Northern Arizona University
University of Arizona
Arizona State University-Tempe
Megan Schlak
SAT: 1110   |   GPA: 4
Megan Schlak
SAT: 1110   |   GPA: 4
Visionary. Forward-Thinker. World-Changer. These are all words that my peers and authorities have used to describe me and my passion for community involvement. I aspire to use my college education to build a better future for those around me. Throughout my life, I have faced the difficulties of limited support systems, feelings of abandonment, and lack of community. I believe my calling in life is to "be a community for those who do not have a community." By majoring in Business Marketing, I will gain the tools, expertise, and connections necessary to build a company that will further my long-term goals of becoming an influential entrepreneur and philanthropist.
Interested in:
Northern Arizona University
Regent University
Lancaster Bible College
Sarah Phippen
GPA: 3.9
Sarah Phippen
GPA: 3.9
I take great care in ensuring that I have goals for the future. I fiercely believe that my future is in my hands and that I have a responsibility to find it. I greatly desire to become involved in the deaf community and be involved in helping bridge the gap between hearing and hard of hearing individuals. I believe that there are not enough opportunities to learn sign language and that it should be given more focus on all educational levels. I also hope to be able to advocate for our environment in the future. As countries around the world develop, people are living longer and are in need of food. If we are to help supply such food to growing populations and economies we need to learn how to be sustainable. Nothing but smart growth will guide us towards effectively providing for millions, without damaging the planet. I want humanity to continue to progress and that can only be done if we are still here to see it.
Interested in:
Northern Arizona University
Brigham Young University-Provo
Utah Valley University
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Top Majors of Interest
Accounting And Business/Management
Adult Health Nurse/Nursing
Biology/Biological Sciences, General
Registered Nursing/Registered Nurse
Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement Administration
Biological And Biomedical Sciences, Other
Psychology, General
Pediatric Nurse/Nursing
Top Other Schools of Interest
University of Arizona
Arizona State University-Tempe
Grand Canyon University
Arizona State University-Downtown Phoenix
Arizona State University - ASU Colleges at Lake Havasu City
University of California-Los Angeles
Colorado State University-Fort Collins
High Schools with Strong Student Interest
Mountain View High School
Sandra Day Oconnor High School
Gilbert High School
Apollo High School
Hamilton High School
Chandler High School
Independence High School
Liberty High School
Top Hobbies and Interests
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