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Kendra Wong
GPA: 4
Kendra Wong
GPA: 4
I'm a high school student passionate about making a change in the world. I enjoy learning new things and working in teams. I'm friendly and outgoing, and my love for meeting new people is what helps get me up every morning!
Interested in:
Northeastern University
University of Virginia-Main Campus
Rice University
Sujaana Anton
GPA: 3.9
Sujaana Anton
GPA: 3.9
My life goal is to become a doctor, more specifically a Neurologist. I would like to go to college and study Biomedical Engineering to learn about technology in the medical field and contribute to technological advancements in the medical field. I'm passionate about helping others and learning about different parts of the world. I hope to start my own organization that will allow me treat people both in the United States and around the world who can not afford healthcare. While going to school for Biomedical Engineering, I hope to minor in Health Studies to help me start my organization. I feel I am the right candidate for this scholarship because I plan to use this money to further my education to help change the world for the better.
Interested in:
Northeastern University
Georgia Institute of Technology-Main Campus
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Trey DuBose
SAT: 1390   |   GPA: 3.9
Trey DuBose
SAT: 1390   |   GPA: 3.9
My biggest passions in life are music and computers, but I also want to change the world with my ability to bring people together. Connections are huge for me and interactions are what fuel humanity. I'm heavily involved in my church's youth and outreach activities because the bonds that are built through service are stronger than anything.
Interested in:
Northeastern University
Yale University
Carnegie Mellon University
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Top Majors of Interest
Computer Science
Biology/Biological Sciences, General
Political Science And Government, General
Bioengineering And Biomedical Engineering
Business Administration And Management, General
Biological And Biomedical Sciences, Other
Pre-Medicine/Pre-Medical Studies
Top Other Schools of Interest
Boston University
New York University
Harvard College
Boston College
University of Massachusetts-Amherst
Cornell University
Tufts University
High Schools with Strong Student Interest
Boston Latin Academy
Brockton High School
John D. O'Bryant School of Mathematics and Science
Franklin High School
Boston Latin School
Lexington High School
Brooklyn Technical High School
The Bronx High School of Science
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