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Ahava Atar
SAT: 1110   |   GPA: 3.4
Ahava Atar
SAT: 1110   |   GPA: 3.4
Hey there from Chicago! Being raised in the Chicago suburbs has taught me many things; to embrace ethnic diversity, stand up against injustice, be true to yourself, and most importantly to help others. As Oprah Winfrey once said, “Helping others is the way we help ourselves.” Next year, I hope to begin my education in order to pursue a nursing career. Nursing allows the creation of trusting bonds between care providers and families. By doing so, you become much more than the lady/man at the doctor's office, you become a face that will be remembered. I hope to one day be seen as a role model for others and encourage them to be the best version of themselves that they can be. Physically and mentally. Having the ability to use my education with such purpose brings light to the dark and scary future held ahead of me. My drive to help others motivates me every day to show empathy and kindness to those I encounter. I believe that it is our responsibility to care for our communities through education, kindness, and acknowledgement. With my continuous efforts to make this world a better place, I hope to be able to continue my education these next four years and thanks to, I may be able to do so. Thank you for providing hope to students who need it most!
Interested in:
Michigan State University
University of Iowa
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Allen Gelfond
SAT: 1410   |   GPA: 4
Allen Gelfond
SAT: 1410   |   GPA: 4
Hi, welcome to my profile! A little bit about me below: The most important thing to me is to make an impact. To take my passion and apply it in such a way that I can contribute to building a better world. I have found my passion within the class of organisms most fundamental to human survival, plants. I believe that advancements in agriculture are needed now more than ever as societies struggle to feed the earth’s growing population grows in urgency. For me, finding a fulfilling career would only be achievable by finding a job where I can contribute to seeking solutions for major global problems. I want to dedicate my life to working towards an end to world hunger while also preserving the environment I’ve come to love so much. My interest in plants has evolved and grown over the years. Within my community, I have taken the role of the gardening consultant for my family, neighbors, and friends. On top of that, I have also spent time contributing to different online gardening communities, offering solutions and identifications for plants I’m experienced with. Being able to help a few friends and family with the skills I’ve acquired has always felt good. Being able to reach and help people on a larger scale would be something worth striving towards. Right now, my goal is to pursue more education to better nurture and support my passion. I want to get involved in research, create connections with amazing people, and fine-tune my passion for plants with a more academic orientation.
Interested in:
Michigan State University
Cornell University
Pennsylvania State University-Main Campus
Sania Bashir
GPA: 4
Sania Bashir
GPA: 4
I strive to improve myself in all possible ways because I know to help others, I must better myself first. No matter what career I go into, I want to help people, whether it is teaching children how to read, helping companies finance for mergers, or treating a patient for an illness. I am a great candidate because I am always challenging myself as evidenced by the gifted programs I have continuously been selected for and continue to excel in. Also, I desire to be a well-rounded individual and therefore participate in a wide variety of extracurricular activities, such as various musical bands, karate, and volunteerism.
Interested in:
Michigan State University
University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
Wayne State University
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University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
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