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Olivia Rose
GPA: 3.1
Olivia Rose
GPA: 3.1
I am a passionate student who plans to start a career in teaching after obtaining both my bachelor's and my master's. I went to a middle college high school program so I could get my associate's degree while still in high school. Although there were a few bumps in the road, I was able to find my way around them and still be able to prosper at the end of my high school years. When in the field of teaching, I plan to shape young minds to view the world in a different way and have the courage to ask questions and learn new things every day. I plan to be a guide to my future students and help them make better choices by building a bond with them that could last forever.
Interested in:
George Mason University
Salisbury University
Kaia Woodard
GPA: 4
Kaia Woodard
GPA: 4
I believe college allows students to connect with professionals in their desired career paths. Internships show students the reality of the profession they are pursuing. No one has a perfect career path, there are ups and downs to every story. Hearing experts talk about their struggles in the industry, mentally and physically, prepares students for their own stories and gives hope that they will be successful as well. I want to go to college to build my story and prepare myself for the obstacles I might face along the way.
Interested in:
George Mason University
Virginia Commonwealth University
Virginia Tech
Najee Richards
GPA: 3
Najee Richards
GPA: 3
My name is Najee Richards, I am 17 years old . My passion is playing football . I want to open up my own gym for inner city youth to help them stay out the streets. Growing up I use to go to a gym with ex NFL players and they helped a lot of us see that going to college was a possibility. I want to pay it forward and help other kids know that they can go to college also.
Interested in:
George Mason University
West Virginia State University
Virginia Tech
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Top Majors of Interest
Computer Science
Biology/Biological Sciences, General
Accounting And Business/Management
Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement Administration
Political Science And Government, General
Forensic Science And Technology
Pre-Medicine/Pre-Medical Studies
Top Other Schools of Interest
Virginia Tech
Virginia Commonwealth University
University of Virginia-Main Campus
James Madison University
Old Dominion University
College of William and Mary
George Washington University
High Schools with Strong Student Interest
Freedom High School
Wakefield High School
Battlefield High School
Lake Braddock Secondary School
Annandale High School
Chantilly High School
West Springfield High School
Hayfield Secondary School
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