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Elda Abayneh
GPA: 3.8
Elda Abayneh
GPA: 3.8
Jesus once said that He didn't come to be served, but to serve. This is the very foundation upon which I base my life. Whether that be volunteering at food banks, vacuuming at my church, or even simply watching little kids, I find great joy in being a servant to others. This is a strong principle my parents have taught me, among many others. They grew up in Ethiopia where they didn't have the many resources I now have. My father, for instance, grew up in the outskirts of Addis Abba where he had to scavenge for food and was confined to the limited supplies he had. My parents have given their all to give my siblings and me a good education, where we can thrive and learn. One of my many goals in life is to make them proud and to succeed in life, pursuing an education they only dreamt of having. They have always pushed me to go further in my academic career, to be involved in my community, and to break the barrier and stereotype of an uneducated black female who is unsuccessful. They have motivated me to take rigorous IB courses, be president and/or officers of many clubs, volunteer at food drives and blood drives to better my society. This semester, I have kept a 5.0 GPA and an overall 5.0 GPA. Any scholarship that I am lucky to receive will aid me in furthering my dreams.
Interested in:
Colorado State University-Fort Collins
Princeton University
Cornell University
Mara McElroy
GPA: 4
Mara McElroy
GPA: 4
I plan on majoring in political science with concentration in environmental politics and policy concentration. After I graduate from an undergraduate college, I plan on attending law school in hopes of becoming active in environmenmental law. I was motivated to choose these goals because I have grown up in a generation of action and awareness. I feel as if the environment has not received the attention deserved or needed, and I would like to become involved in environmental politics and law. In areas of extracurricular activities, I have made my high school’s competitive cheerleading team and sideline cheerleading team my sophomore, junior, and senior years. I also assumed leadership roles of being co-captain on both the competitive and sideline basketball teams. On a more academic side of extracurriculars, I was a member of the student group HOSA, a club for future health professionals, my freshman, sophomore, and junior year. I do not plan on going into the health profession, but I believe the club taught me how to be innovative. I am also in National Honors Society. I have also volunteered throughout high school. For the first two years of high school, I volunteered at First Lutheran Church and taught Sunday school every week during the school year. Recently, I began volunteering at the Sioux Falls Area Humane Society. I started volunteering at the humane society in February 2020, and I continue to help with cleaning staff, cat socializing, and dog-walking. On top of extracurriculars and community service, I work a part-time job.
Interested in:
Colorado State University-Fort Collins
University of South Dakota
University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
Valeria Quintero-Segura
GPA: 3.7
Valeria Quintero-Segura
GPA: 3.7
Hi, I’m Val. I have always dreamt of becoming a large animal veterinarian! I intend to major as a pre-vet/ animal science major and minor in music therapy or ecological sciences. Since I was young I have had a need to help those who don’t have a voice and cannot help themselves. I grew up on a family farm in Colombia and in the neighboring rain-forests that surrounded it. Growing up there taught me about ecology along with basic veterinary care for our farm animals. Using the money I received from winning a cooking show called "Chopped Junior" I started a non-profit animal shelter in Colombia. My goal is to extend a global reach through the non-profit, conduct mission trips, and provide invaluable veterinary care in other third world countries. I am always looking for ways to help my community. Whether it be by training stray animals on the shelter to become service animals, which not only provides financial relief for families that cannot afford to buy service dogs, but also provides a loving home to an animal in need. Or by playing violin with my chamber orchestra at charity balls and other special events.
Interested in:
Colorado State University-Fort Collins
Cornell University
University of Delaware
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University of Colorado Boulder
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Legend High School
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