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Abigail Kendal
GPA: 4
Abigail Kendal
GPA: 4
My primary goal in life is to become a change-maker. To be perfectly honest, I do not yet know what that path will look like, however, I do understand the complex and convoluted journey that I must embark on to truly impact this world in a positive way. Whether I decide to spend my time inside a lab or a courthouse, studying psychiatry or public policy, or learning about people or phenomena, I hope that my passion and dedication transcends my field of study itself. I feel so strongly about this because of my own personal experiences and the lives of those around me. As a high school student who lives with extreme and severe mental health issues, every single day is a fight. It is in my acknowledgement of this fight that I embrace my strength, courage, perseverance, ambition, and audacity. My struggles have not defined or hindered my accomplishments, rather, they have contextualized them. My personal struggles have fueled my passion for radical empathy and social justice in addition to providing me with the drive to ensure that the people in my community carry less of a burden when they undergo their own fight.
Interested in:
Brown University
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Northwestern University
Grey Cohen
SAT: 1460   |   GPA: 4
Grey Cohen
SAT: 1460   |   GPA: 4
My name is Grey Cohen. I am a junior at Druid Hills High School in Atlanta, GA. I run cross country, swim, and play varsity lacrosse for my school. I am part of numerous clubs as well as our Beta Club. March 23 began the start of my future. That was the day I launched my non profit, The Meal Bridge. I founded The Meal Bridge as a platform to facilitate donations from the community where they could order food from local restaurants and have that food sent to local hospital workers. The program has taken off with immense support from the community and to date we have delivered 43,000 meals to healthcare workers. We started as a grassroots organization in Atlanta and now operate in 6 different cities across the US. With the help of my family I turned this effort into an national project and believe my passion for work like this will help me in my future endeavors.
Interested in:
Brown University
Georgetown University
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Marlene McKinney
GPA: 4
Marlene McKinney
GPA: 4
Hello there! I'm Marlene McKinney, and my hobbies include designing crochet patterns, reading, and listening to music, among other things! I'm currently a Girl Scout Ambassador, interviewer for literary magazine Blue Virtu, Head of Engineering Notebook for FIRST Tech Challenge team 8110 Women in Science and Engineering, a student organizing lead for Grassroots Law Project, a member of my school's academic honor societies, and treasurer for my school's quiz bowl team. My life goal is to help make the world a better place by maximizing the foundation my family worked hard for and the brain I was given. For example, my Girl Scouts Gold Award lets me use my resources to help uplift those in low-income areas in my community using virtual workshops. I aspire to become a neurosurgeon; I'm currently aiming to get into BS/MD programs for college, requiring me to put in extra work to conduct clinical research and gain experience. I'm engaging in virtual shadowing amidst the current pandemic and participating in the Exploravision and Empowher research competitions. In the past, I have placed at LI Math Fair, regional Science Olympiad, Chemagination, and Metrohacks NYC Women. I would also like to engage in health policy to work for better treatment for all patients. I believe that the true goal of healthcare is to do everything in the best interest of the patient. I'm currently conducting research to see how price transparency decreases treatment prices and increases value of U.S. healthcare.
Interested in:
Brown University
Union College (NY)
Northwestern University
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