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Daniella Polanco
GPA: 3.6
Daniella Polanco
GPA: 3.6
As a child, I felt lucky enough to witness many Latinos take on their careers as actors, but I also noticed the lack of Dominican and Afro-Latino representation in the industry. As a Dominican living in Washington Heights, there is so much value in knowing your identity and being proud of where you come from. I aspire to be the prime example of hope for Hispanics and the Latinx community. I want to demonstrate how far hard work and dedication can take you. Along with my desire to become an actor, I dream of starting an organization that fundraises to financially help Latino kids take acting classes. I want this organization to provide guidance and prepare them for certain obstacles that come along with being Latino in these industries. The purpose of this would be not to isolate them and keep them “safe” from the outside world, but prepare them to set an example and build new, open, and diverse communities wherever they go. I want young Latinx artists to look at themselves in the mirror and be able to see a future actor, singer, or anything else. Aim high, but start low, and never let others set your goals.
Interested in:
Boston University
Syracuse University
SUNY at Albany
David Wang
SAT: 1570   |   GPA: 4
David Wang
SAT: 1570   |   GPA: 4
My academic and career aspirations are intertwined with my desire to pursue a career in medicine. I realized early in my life that I have an unquenchable thirst for scientific knowledge and serving others. Being able to apply newly learned scientific concepts to real-life situations awards me great satisfaction. Accordingly, I have taken over 10 AP courses offered at our school. I pursued this curiosity through firsthand experiences. In my community, I founded a public health club to raise awareness and reduce health disparities by publishing monthly newsletters. As someone who struggled with depression in the past, I found joy in organizing wellness webinars with health professionals to tackle mental health stigmas through this club. Abroad, I volunteered in Hunan, China, which allowed me to offer medical advice to underserved communities and build relationships with patients from various backgrounds. My purpose is service and compassion, and becoming a public-health-focused physician will allow me to care for underserved patient populations while reducing health disparities to promote health equity. I am certain I want to go to undergraduate and medical school, but I also realize that I will be deep in debt. This scholarship will undoubtedly relieve my undergraduate and medical school tuition burdens and further inspire me to achieve my dream.
Interested in:
Boston University
University of Pittsburgh-Pittsburgh Campus
University of Illinois at Chicago
Margaret Meitzen
SAT: 1220   |   GPA: 3.7
Margaret Meitzen
SAT: 1220   |   GPA: 3.7
I love learning and am very passionate about implementing a more creative approach to learning in schools. I plan to major in developmental psychology and study different ways of teaching and their effect on creativity in students!
Interested in:
Boston University
Vanderbilt University
Washington University in St Louis
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